New book aims to restore human element to email communication

“Angry E-mail: How to Put a Lid on It” by Dona J. Young provides guidance for readers on communicating more effectively and personably
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"Angry E-mail: How to Put a Lid on It"

"Angry E-mail: How to Put a Lid on It" by Dona J. Young

“Angry E-mail: How to Put a Lid on It” (ISBN 1463545894), a writing guide by Dona J.Young, seeks to help professionals in today’s workplace improve email strategy, style and content to reduce miscommunication and increase effectiveness.

According to Young, the contemporary business environment is filled with emails that are insensitive, overly lengthy or downright hostile. These emails can result in damaged relationships, lost credibility and reduced productivity. However, such tone-deaf communication can be avoided, Young argues, and with her new book she aims to provide readers with the method for how to do so. An experienced author and lecturer on various forms of business communication and professional writing, Young tells readers how to develop an overall communications strategy that will enable them to use email in a way that increases the exchange of information without sacrificing the interpersonal element.

“In my business writing workshops, professionals frequently discuss receiving angry email, and how they respond is critical,” says Young. “This book puts email in a context that shows readers how to avoid getting hooked into an exchange that can be costly, both emotionally and professionally.”

Young’s guide seeks to emphasize that communication is a human endeavor and encourages readers to focus on the overall relationship rather than simply the piece of information they want to communicate in the present. She also reminds readers that what they put in writing can have career implications as well as legal repercussions. Weaving best practices with narrative examples, the author’s book is targeted at all readers seeking to improve the content, clarity and quality of their email.

“Angry E-mail: How to Put a Lid on It” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dona J. Young earned a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. An author, teacher and writing coach, Young also serves as the president and CEO of Writer’s Toolkit Publishing. Her numerous published books on professional writing include “A Guide for Business Writing,” “Eleven Steps to Instantly Improve Your Writing,” “Business English: Writing for the Global Workplace,” “Foundations of Business Communication” and “Business Communication and Writing: Enhancing Career Flexibility.” Young has also published two children’s books, “The Princess and Her Gift: A Tale on the Practical Magic of Learning” and “The Little Prince Who Taught a Village to Sing.” 

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