Novel follows one woman’s quest for love into dangerous territory

“Retribution and Trial: A Love Story” by Dr. Jill M. Parris shows how compulsive, passionate love can quickly turn into an addictive, abusive relationship

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Retribution & Trial

"Retribution & Trial" by Dr. Jill Parris

Family drama “Retribution and Trial: A Love Story” (ISBN 1468158457) takes readers through the whirlwind romance of country girl Shelly and the charming Paul. Author Dr. Jill M. Parris creates a love story that is as passionate as it is troubling while revealing the dark truth behind many compulsive relationships.

When Shelly meets Paul, she is won over by his charismatic personality and all that he has to offer. He woos the young girl from the country, enveloping her in his world. Before her life is consumed by her new romantic interest, Shelly attempts to take control of her life again and fails.

Parris takes readers through the honest and heartbreaking portrayal of a relationship fueled by obsession, compulsion and addiction. From marriage to children to an inevitable separation, she depicts the many dynamics of romantic relationships while inviting readers to explore their own attitudes toward abuse.

Parris believes “Retribution and Trial” will strike a chord with readers who may have dealt with abusive relationships of their own or who have seen their loved ones go through their physical, emotional and mental trauma. She hopes her novel with its themes of family relationships, psychological trauma and drama will inspire the reader to think about their own relationships and the impact tragedy has on their loved ones.

“Retribution and Trial: A Love Story” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Jill M. Parris, Ph.D., works at the Ecumenical Migration Centre, where she focuses on the family relationships of recently arrived humanitarian entrants. She previously managed counseling and welfare service at Relationships Australia and the Wesley Mission. She migrated from her native Africa to Australia over three decades ago. She has written and self-published two books recently and is working on a third about a man who escaped Uganda. Parris has been married for 43 years and has two adult children.

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