New book offers guidance on life’s purpose, meaning from spiritual being

“Soul Awareness: A Guide's Message” by Katharine Mackey offers commentary and insights from a spirit guide inhabiting Mackey’s physical form
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"Soul Awareness: A Guide's Message"

"Soul Awareness: A Guide's Message" by Katharine Mackey

“Soul Awareness: A Guide’s Message”  (ISBN 1467920576) by Katharine Mackey introduces readers to Gerod, a soul without a body that acts as a spirit guide and offers guidance to those seeking metaphysical truth. Gerod is facilitated by Mackey, the physical partner who serves as the viaduct to connect one who is without form to the world of physical and finite beings.

A lifelong devotee to metaphysical concepts, Mackey sat down on a summer afternoon in 1987 to explore automatic writing, or the intentional process of welcoming a subconscious and/or spiritual source to create content. That day marked her first encounter with Gerod, a peaceful being that announced that he was her personal guide and would always be with her. In time, Mackey learned the channeling techniques that allowed Gerod to verbally speak through her. Through Mackey, Gerod teaches that we all have the capability of connecting to high-level guidance through our intuition and he is here to help us understand that and to accomplish it.

“The information presented in the book is not a random compilation but was written directly by Gerod to be shared,” says Mackey. “It examines the meaning of life from a spiritual point of view and invites each person to consider themselves within a spiritual framework.”

Written for anyone seeking a deeper connection to God and the spiritual world, the book addresses topics including self-realization, reincarnation, spiritual alignment, physical healing and much more.

“Soul Awareness: A Guide’s Message” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: For many years after meeting Gerod, Katharine Mackey channeled him for others in private sessions as well as group settings. For 14 years, Mackey and Gerod also worked with Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. as he explored the impact of the soul in his work as a clinical psychologist. This collaboration is described in Zinser’s book “Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives.” Mackey lives in the Midwest with her husband and while no longer sharing Gerod publicly, is pleased to offer this book. 

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