With ‘Saturday Night Live’ Lindsay Lohan makes strides to clean up her image

Acting assessment aside, hosting 'SNL' proves she can be reliable; ratings show she's bankable, but minor roles in skits may be a sign that 'SNL' had trouble trusting her.
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(PR NewsChannel) / March 5, 2012 / LOS ANGELES 

Hosting “SNL” gave NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” a ratings boost, but what did it do for Lindsay Lohan and the effort to rehab her image?

With her appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Lindsay Lohan moved the ball forward, says a noted crisis management PR expert.

“She showed up, she brought in the numbers and people are talking about it,” says Glenn Selig, founder of the crisis PR firm, The Publicity Agency. “However, Lindsay Lohan did not appear in the opening skit–she could’ve easily played Ann Romney–and she had fairly minor parts in the live program. And that may be a signal that ‘SNL’ producers did not have complete faith in her for a live program, given an unpredictable history.”

In her opening monologue, Lindsay Lohan joked about the program and “Saturday Night Live” producers’ lack of trust in her.

“In every joke there is usually some truth,” says Selig. “It was a very subtle way of addressing what the public would likely have noticed anyway.”

Hosting “SNL” comes at an important time for Lindsay Lohan and her work to make a comeback.

Back-and-forth with sobriety is not unprecedented in Hollywood–take Robert Downey, Jr. for example. Selig believes if she is able to survive the substance abuse itself, her career will thrive if she is able to put it behind her.

Selig says she’s playing to two audiences: The fans and entertainment executives.

“Lindsay Lohan is again getting opportunities–from Playboy to ‘SNL,’ but she needs to continue to prove that she is reliable and trustworthy. She’s must show up to work. If she fails to do that, her career will derail because executives won’t hire her even if the public is willing to forgive her. Hollywood wants to make money not lose money.”

Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Live

Lindsay Lohan jokes about her troubles in her monologue on 'Saturday Night Live.'

So far so good. But Lindsay Lohan continues to fight demons.

The New York Daily News reports that not even 24 hours after Lindsay Lohan taped an interview with Matt Lauer and NBC’s TODAY show (a few days before “Saturday Night Live”) proclaiming that going clubbing was “not my thing anymore” the paper says an eyewitness told them Lohan partied past 4 a.m. 

The paper says she “held court at the nightclub with an entourage” and she left after two men who were sitting with Lohan got into a jealous spat over the “Herbie Fully Loaded” star, which prompted her to leave.”

As for “SNL,” the reviews of Linday Lohan’s acting on “Saturday Night Live” were mixed.

“Letting Lindsay Lohan host ‘Saturday Night Live’ was a mistake,” writes Mike Ryan, senior writer for Moviefone, in a column carried by the Huffington Post. “And that isn’t anything against Lohan, her well documented escapades or her hopeful recovery. The fact is she just wasn’t ready. It was apparent that the cast and the writers didn’t particularly trust her (and why should they?) since they relegated her to backup duty in pretty much every sketch.”

“Her highly touted appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ was met with more heckles than applause,” writes Ann Pride in an entertainment column for the U.K. Daily Mail. “But that didn’t stop Lindsay Lohan from scoring huge ratings in her hosting gig for the popular NBC sketch show.”

But others were kinder in their assessment of Lindsay Lohan on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Remarkably average might not have been what the star dreamed of when she reached out to ‘SNL’ for a job, but it was far from a disaster. Besides, the whole point of her hosting wasn’t to offer Richard Pryor quality. It was to prove she could be relied upon,” writes Mack Rawden, pop culture editor for Cinemablend.com in the pop blend section of the website.

But the New York Daily News challenged that notion in its Gatecrasher column.

“Judging from the trouble that Lohan had with her lines during the ‘SNL’ broadcast, we wonder if her late-night escapade affected her attention levels during her rehearsal with the show’s cast on Friday afternoon and evening.”

Sometimes it’s high profile baby steps that can really move a career forward. And Selig suggested that Lindsay Lohan avoid any missteps.

“Who doesn’t like a comeback and shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’ are great vehicles,” says Selig, founder of the crisis PR firm, The Publicity Agency. “Lindsay Lohan has fallen into the same drug and partying trap like so many before her. But her time as a Disney star proves she’s talented. The public is rooting for a comeback. And ‘SNL’ gave her an opportunity to impress or blow it on live TV. And nobody is saying she blew it. So it is a definite plus for her.”



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