Philosophical book addresses life issues, gives new perspective on its meaning

“The Big Picture: What’s True and Good about Life” by Dr. J. Lamarr Cox uses humor and animal stories to take on a wide range of serious life concerns
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The Big Picture

"The Big Picture" by Dr. J. Lamarr Cox

Most people tend to believe the individual incidences in life, whether perceived as good, bad, fascinating or dull, paint a true and complete picture of life. Dr. J. Lamarr Cox, in “The Big Picture: What’s True and Good about Life” (ISBN 1466357509) shows that life makes sense only when we are fully aware of these everyday aspects of life while, at the same time, looking beyond them to a greater reality.

Despite what the media portrays regularly, Cox offers evidence that the world actually does make sense and is growing in a positive direction. He uses conversations with animals about politics, perseverance, compassion, religions and much more to show the reader new ways of envisioning the world. He notes that being aware and fathoming reality is the key to a meaningful and joyous life.

“I don’t want to negate the authenticity of pain, sorrow, agony, confusion, frustration, anger, loneliness, grief and, yes, sometimes defeat and hopelessness,” Cox says. “These feelings are real, but they do not live in isolation! Our emotions can so easily overwhelm our intelligence.”

Cox gives his audience new insights into their personal perplexities and a new understanding of how each individual life fills a unique place in the universe. He says the use of conversations with animals is partly to create a humorous juxtaposition to offset the seriousness of his message, but mostly because his style is storytelling. He intends for readers to walk away from “The Big Picture” with a different view on the meaning of life.

“The Big Picture: What’s True and Good about Life” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. J. Lamarr Cox, in his younger years, worked as a steel mill laborer, electrician and electrical contractor. He was later manager of production engineering at Harris Corporation working primarily on the space program. After completing his graduate work, he began a career in social sciences research at Florida State University and the Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina. He retired as senior research psychologist after directing more than 50 research projects on the national, state and local levels. He also has worked extensively as a therapist. He and his wife reside in North Carolina.

Dr. J. Lamarr Cox


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