New novel portrays world ruled by mysterious religious group

“Inquisitor” by Joel Martin follows an inquisitor caught between the truth and the yoke of his religion
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"Inquisitor" by Joel Martin

“Inquisitor” (ISBN 1466236574), a fantasy novel by Joel Martin, takes readers inside a world embroiled in a dangerous struggle for power between church and state.

Inquisitor Gabriel Lavoure is an official in good standing with the Order, a religious group who has great control over the duchies. He performs his duties and serves the cause without question. But Gabriel’s world is shaken to the core when he discovers that nothing is as it seems. Faced with the truth, Gabriel is caught in a dangerous game that threatens his life and the precarious balance of power in his world. As Gabriel continues his search for the truth, he encounters the sarcastic assassin Rake, the vengeful Major Michael Van Denholm and Viscount Damian Kanue, who uses questionable actions to achieve the greater good.

“The themes of the novel are religion, heresy and the definition of right and wrong,” Martin says. “I was inspired to write ‘Inquisitor’ because I wanted a fresh take on a tired fantasy genre seemingly tied down by an overdose of magic and the erroneous suggestion that more dwarves, elves or dragons are good for a fantasy book.”

Intended to appeal to fans of fantasy fiction and medieval themes, the book draws on a wide range of influences in literature, religion and history. Martin’s aim is for readers to see the book as a revolutionary fantasy novel not confined to the common clichés that plague the genre.  

“Inquisitor” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Joel Martin is a writer and lifelong fan of classic literature. A native of Wanganui, New Zealand, he moved to Australia with his family and has resided in Canberra for most of his life. Martin’s passion for writing came from his appreciation of great works including “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Ivanhoe,” and others. He is particularly interested in medieval themes and Arthurian tales.

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