New book aims to encourage, empower people with chronic pain

“Living Successfully with Chronic Pain” by registered nurse and chronic pain survivor Ruth Stella MacLean offers tips for treatment, management and maintaining a positive outlook
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Living Successfully with Chronic Pain

"Living Successfully with Chronic Pain" by Ruth Stella MacLean

“Living Successfully with Chronic Pain” (ISBN 0987829505) by Ruth Stella MacLean aims to help readers understand the everyday impact of a condition that influences and alters every part of the life of the person living with chronic pain.

According to MacLean, chronic pain is an incurable disease that affects more than 20 percent of North Americans and another 20 percent of those who care for people with chronic pain. Commonly defined as pain that continues over an indefinite period of time, chronic pain can present emotional and psychological challenges that go beyond the immediate physical causes and treatments. With this in mind, MacLean offers a guide that urges those with chronic pain to recognize that they can manage their pain, and to think of themselves as the bravest, most courageous people on the planet. Blending personal commentary, anecdotes gained over 20 years of managing her pain and references to recent research, the book aims to empower and encourage anyone struggling with ongoing pain.

“20 years ago, pain ruled my life and I was filled with fear about the future and how I would cope,” MacLean says. “For years, I searched for a book written by someone who had successfully lived with chronic pain. My search uncovered lots of books and articles on the subject but none dealt with the many issues people like me, living daily with chronic pain, have to face – nor did any deal with the many concerns of my family and loved ones who do their best to support me.”

Intended to educate and inform people with chronic pain and their families, caregivers and friends, the book offers insights her personal and professional experience with chronic pain. MacLean contends that chronic pain affects the body, mind and spirit of the individual and her book is intended to offer a holistic perspective on surviving and even thriving in the face of pain. 

“Living Successfully with Chronic Pain” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Ruth Stella MacLean is a writer, retired registered nurse and one of the millions worldwide living with chronic pain. A graduate of Mount Allison University, she is a retired certified management accountant and obtained the designation of Canadian Heath Service Executive before leaving her position as director of ambulatory care at the Moncton Hospital in Moncton, Canada. Among her responsibilities as director was the management of a pain clinic that dealt with treatment of chronic pain.

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