Action-adventure novel mixes element of history with ancient time period of author’s homeland

Yulia Handy uses the love and nostalgia she has for her homeland to write “Legends of Scythia: The Secret Keepers”
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Legends of Scythia

"Legends of Scythia" by Yulia Handy

Author Yulia Handy gathers inspiration from her time spent in Scythia to inform readers of its history and stories in “Legends of Scythia: The Secret Keepers” (ISBN 1467970050). Handy shares the story of how two young people’s lives are changed forever when they obtain a guarded book that is wanted by many.

Handy’s love for Scythia shines throughout her novel. She has always been interested in and fascinated by ancient Greek civilization, and thought writing a novel was the perfect way to demonstrate her feelings for it.

“The legends of Amazon warriors are naturally interesting,” Handy says. “It presents a perfect example of strong women.”

The ancient land of Scythia is an uncharted territory inhabited by people with different customs and beliefs. Each Scythian learns to understand the land through nature and spirits. One day everyone disappears with no cause or reason, and all that’s left is their sacred text and legacy, the Golden Book. Hidden in an unknown place, it’s protected by a man with a special mark on his skin named the Secret Keeper.

Teomon, an evil barbarian pirate, is on a quest to find the Golden Book, and he won’t rest until he finds it. As he approaches the shores of Scythia, he changes lives forever, particularly those of two siblings, Arcadius and Terra. When they’re separated and learn Teomon has captured the Golden Book, they realize the danger Scythia is in.

“Legends of Scythia: The Secret Keepers” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Yulia Handy was born in the former Soviet Union in the city of Novorossiysk. In 2005, she traveled to the United States to take English courses, and ended up staying permanently after meeting her husband. Handy has a master’s from Novorossiysk Technical School of Town Planning and Economics and a bachelor’s from Modern University for the Humanities. She lives in North Dakota with her family.

Yulia Handy
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