Private investigators share stories of capturing cheating lovers

Greg and Ann Clouthier arm readers with the tools to catch their wandering lovers in “Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More”
(PR NewsChannel) / February 24, 2012 / WALNUT CREEK, Calif. 

"Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More"

"Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More" by Greg and Ann Clouthier

It seems as if every few months another famous face pops up in the news for cheating on their significant other. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tiger Woods to John Edwards, it seems as if individuals, regardless of their power or reputation, can’t resist the urge to cheat. Greg and Ann Clouthier’s “Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More” (ISBN 1463718977) covers their three decades worth of private investigations into the lives of the rich and famous cheaters.

The Clouthiers share stories they faced on the job as they followed individuals whose spouses believed they were cheating. They mix this serious subject with bouts of humor as well as information regarding the advanced technology used to catch cheaters.

While the authors entertain the readers with fast-paced stories about love gone awry, they also attempt to educate readers with psychological profiles on cheating significant others. They identify various signs of infidelity as well as some characteristics that the typical cheater might possess. They also supply the reader with ways to win the battle if it is ever taken to court, or how to rebuild confidence and their self-esteem back in order to smooth things over with a loved one after infidelity.

“Infidelity seems to be such a common problem in today’s society,” Ann Clouthier says. “I think our book will give readers the information they need in order to make informed decisions as to what’s really important in their lives.”

The co-authors hope that “Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More” leave readers with a more cautious eye when it comes to their significant others’ extracurricular activities. They believe that with the right information, readers will be able to stand up for themselves in the battlefield of love.

“Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Greg and Ann Clouthier have spent over three decades as private investigators with a focus on infidelity cases. They have seen the signs, the abuse and types, which make them qualified to discuss the issues of cheating significant others. They have appeared on Fox Network’s “Cheating Spouses Caught on Tape” and on radio talk shows across the country. In 2008 the book “A Women’s Guide to Revenge” was translated into Spanish as “Guia para la Venganza Femenina” and released to Spain and South America; the English version will be re-released 2011.

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