New historical fiction novel uncovers little known facts about Islam, its beginnings

Osman Kartal began writing “The Prophet’s Scribe” after learning of the relationship between Islam’s founder, Mohammed, and a Nestorian Christian monk named Sergius
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The Prophet's Scribe

"The Prophet's Scribe" by Osman Kartal

In “The Prophet’s Scribe,” (ISBN 1467950505) Osman Kartal shares the story of two men who have had an effect on the world for thousands of years. While one of the men is Mohammed, the founder of Islam, most readers will be introduced to the other, Sergius, a Nestorian Christian monk, for the first time.

Kartal bases his religious and historical drama on the research he has found on Sergius. Readers learn how the relationship between Sergius and Mohammed shaped both of their lives and eventually, the religion of Islam. Kartal used various historical sources, both known and unknown, in order to create a dramatic and fictionalized account of the relationship between the two men.

“This is the love story of all time, between man and God, between man and woman,” Kartal says. “It displays total devotion and ultimate betrayal.”

The author believes that followers of Islam will be able to learn more and possibly even little-known facts about the turbulent yet passionate beginnings of their religion. Kartal was inspired to learn more about Islam after researching his family roots and learning new things about his history and religion.

Kartal hopes that “The Prophet’s Scribe” uncovers the truth of how closely aligned Islam is to Christianity, thanks to the relationship between Sergius and Mohammed. He believes his novel gives a seemingly forgotten Christian monk, who played a major role in writing the verses that make up the Islamic holy book, the Koran, the spotlight he has deserved for thousands of years.

“The Prophet’s Scribe” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Osman Kartal is an international scholar who specializes in history and religion. While he splits his time between Istanbul, London and New York, he has worked for a number of governments and other organizations across a spectrum of activities.

Osman Kartal



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