Mom blogger and ‘momtrepreneur’ offers promotional initiative to moms everywhere

Ellie Hirsch, founder of Mommy Masters™, creates the “Mommy Master of the Month” program
(PR NewsChannel) / February 17, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Mom Blogger Mommy Masters Mastering Motherhood

Mom Blogger Mommy Masters - Mastering Motherhood

Mommy Masters™, an online parenting resource and motherhood blog, has announced a monthly initiative to help moms promote their businesses and themselves, as they master motherhood. As a mother of two with one on the way, Mommy Masters™ founder Ellie Hirsch, believes it’s important to support and celebrate each other, as well as recognize all of the hard work mothers and women accomplish on a daily basis.

Through her advice for moms blog, Hirsch chooses a new “Mommy Master” each month and endorses them on her website, along with social media sites, all at no charge. She says there are many definitions of what makes someone a “Mommy Master.”

“Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, motherhood is tough. Juggling all of the elements we face as women is certainly no easy task,” says the mom blogger. “If you are looking to promote your business, gain more followers on your blog or social media page, or just brag about all the hard work you do as a mom, the ‘Mommy Master of the Month’ club is for you!” 

Through her “Mommy Master of the Month” program, Hirsch is accomplishing the Mommy Masters™ philosophy that “Together We Can Master Motherhood™.”

Hirsch has made her initiative extremely user friendly and is building a community of smart, hard working and strong women though her motherhood blog. Signing up is easy and dads are welcome to enter too. Visit the mom blog link below to sign up. Entries for the March “Mommy Master of the Month” close on March 29, 2012. All entries carry over from month to month so mothers only need to enter once. 

The motherhood blog is the go-to trusted source for mothers all over the world. Mommy Masters™ provides parenting tools to create a flourishing family environment, ranging from parenting tips and tricks to offering emotional support and reassurance to help build confidence. The busy mom blogger knows how hard it is to balance motherhood and her business, as she is growing the Mommy Masters™ brand to include her children’s music. 

“I cannot wait to introduce my unique and educational songs to children everywhere.  My music will allow parents and children to bond while singing, dancing and learning,” says Hirsch.

Mommy Masters™ will also include television, publishing and interactive components in the near future. 

About Mommy Masters™: Mommy Masters™ was created by mom blogger Ellie Hirsch, who has become known as “The Mommy Master™.”  She is the proud mother of two little boys under five, along with baby number three on the way.  She often functions as a single married mother while her husband travels during the week and spends her free time and nights tirelessly building her Mommy Masters™ business.  Mommy Masters allows women to share their experiences, both triumphs and hardships, enabling them to become better mothers, wives and friends. She has become the go-to mom blogger for moms who are seeking motherhood blog advice in the form of ideas and encouragement, living up to her title of a woman to watch in 2012.

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