Wife’s breast cancer battle serves as inspiration for lifestyle changes in new guide to achieving better health

Walter Scott Allen explains how he got on the right track to a better, healthier life in “I Can See My Shoes Again: A humorous yet sarcastic journey to better health”
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I Can See My Shoes Again

"I Can See My Shoes Again" by Walter Scott Allen

“I Can See My Shoes Again: A humorous yet sarcastic journey to better health” (ISBN 1463565526) by Walter Scott Allen takes readers through his personal journey to a healthier lifestyle. Along the way, readers witness his daily battles and see through firsthand experiences how to get their cholesterol, blood pressure and weight under control.

This self-help book approaches personal health in a practical way, rather than throwing pie-in-the-sky goals and plans at readers. Allen shares his journey as a middle-aged man on the path back to a healthy lifestyle. The situations outlined include a multitude of challenges that everyone faces when changing their health habits. Using his personal experience, Allen explains how taking separate, smaller steps eases a lifestyle transition.

“I Can See My Shoes Again” is more than just a humorous journey to better health that a middle-aged man decided to take one day. Allen began his journey after his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis. He explains the struggles and challenges he faced while caring for his wife during her treatments.

“While taking care of my wife during her fight with breast cancer, I realized I had to get serious about my health. I had to choose a retirement of great health or one in diapers. Guess what I chose?” Allen says.

As an easy-to-read guide that offers pragmatic advice, Allen’s story is one every reader can picture themselves in. The story relates to ordinary people by showing how easily a change can make way for health, but not without significant effort. Allen hopes that his journey to health inspires other adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle while avoiding the daily pitfalls.

“I Can See My Shoes Again: A humorous yet sarcastic journey to better health” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Walter Scott Allen has always enjoyed cooking for his family and applying the numerous cooking methods he learned from traveling around the world. As a hospitality executive, his skills created a fun family-style home life to coincide with an engaging work place, but these skills backfired as Allen became overweight with high cholesterol and showed the early stages of heart disease. After his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Allen and his five children pulled together to help his wife overcome the disease while also promoting a healthier lifestyle within their family.

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