Post-Apocalyptic nostalgia serves as inspiration for novel on extinction of female gender

“The Death of Eve” by Shaun Penney is a story set in a bleak future where the darkest natures of humanity are exposed, but under the surface is a tale of personal strength and perseverance

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The Death of Eve

"The Death of Eve" by Shaun Penney

Shaun Penney gained inspiration from reading other speculative fiction books for the characters and setting of his novel, “The Death of Eve” (ISBN 1468122118). Penney claims his novel isn’t mainstream or pop culture; in fact he credits it as a standalone book that opens up to a saga of adventures built around a rebuilding society.

Penney’s novel is quite dark with very little humor, but it does contain something that many readers can relate to, which is struggle with self-identity while going through the trials of maturity. With its loner status, general speculative fiction and the topic of the possible extinction of women, “The Death of Eve” makes for a unique novel that sucks readers in from the beginning.

“It expresses relationships in ways that don’t conform to today’s status quo,” Penney says. “It also offers unique methods of combat based on evolving ancient weapons for a new fighting experience, allowing readers to enjoy something they haven’t read before.”

He stresses that his book doesn’t try to copy what the industry has been selling recently in terms of mainstream phenomena. Penney says his book carries a simple message while still trying to be more unique than the norm of most science fiction today.

His story about women fighting off extinction and villains serves as a metaphor for young adults who are unsure of their future beyond high school, but don’t want to end up living the lives their parents wish upon them.

“The Death of Eve” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Shaun Penney is a San Diego native. He was a part of a non-profit organization that specialized in medieval reenactments for seven years. Penney is also a musician of 10 years, and plays guitar and keyboard with a local band while composing music of his own.

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