Author expresses unique psychological views of human potential, encourages increased critical thinking skills

Robert A. Walker says the key to unlocking a healthy, empathetic outlook is through the use of critical thinking skills as he shares his research in “Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense”
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Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense

"Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense" by Robert A. Walker

In “Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense” (ISBN 1467902853), Robert A. Walker shows how the use of critical thinking is necessary as a tool for understanding life’s experiences, personal relationships and the cultural implications.

Walker wants to involve the reader in the process of objective self observation, and to provide an enhanced insight into this thinking process. He highlights its relationship as it relates to both the reader and others within the reader’s world. 

The structure of “Principa” allows for the application of recent scientific discoveries in physics and astrophysics that shows how the physical universe constructs itself through the holographic process. This process provides a unique opportunity to re-examine human psychology in respect to the idea of human creation. This unique perspective is accompanied by maps and diagrams that illustrate the various relationships amongst the reader’s feelings, experiences and thought processes as they have been used in similes and metaphorical phrases.

Walker’s main goal in his book is not to tell readers what or how to think; he simply insists that readers allow themselves to think about the premise of the book and use Walker’s work in their lives.

“My inspiration came from my simple love for humankind. I want people to better themselves, and if my book can be the beginning of that process, then that’s fine with me,” says Walker.

While the tone throughout the book is professional, Walker uses dramatic phrasing and humorous anecdotes that help make various points throughout the book. He feels that as special and unique as humans have shown themselves to be throughout history, the potential for creating a healthy, sane and empathetic society has only begun to be tapped.

“Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Robert A. Walker served with the New York City Police Department and other New York City agencies for nearly three decades before retiring in 2008. The additional free time allowed for the ability to work on writing a book to share his insights, experiences and conclusions about the general public. Walker also served with the United States Navy, and owned and managed a small recording studio during the 1970s and into the 1980s. He helped design several telecommunications systems for firms such as White Weld, Hanover and Source Securities. Walker also served as a telecommunications specialist for the NYPD and was responsible for design, implementation and the distribution of mobile communication devices for the entire department.

Robert A. Walker



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