Woman shares life with children, mental illness, addiction in gritty memoir

Theresa M. Lennon sprinkles humor throughout the story of her tumultuous life in “Mississippi Moon: A Survivor's Story”
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Mississippi Moon: A Survivor's Story

Mississippi Moon: A Survivor's Story by Theresa M. Lennon

“Mississippi Moon: A Survivor’s Story” (ISBN 1448668247) by Theresa M. Lennon is the personal account of her life and the struggles and challenges she faced along the way. Her journey was quite difficult and, at times, heartbreaking, but her experiences transformed her into the successful person she is today.

The injustices she faced led Lennon to believe that the police aren’t always fair. She saw how the ones who were supposed to protect all citizens weren’t always on the side of the homeless and working class. In “Mississippi Moon,” she describes the encounters she had with them, as well as the opposition she faced when dealing with law enforcement.

Lennon’s growing exhaustion with telling people about her life led her to pen her memoir. She wanted those who inquired about it to be able to read it all at once. She shows readers her life as a hotel maid working plenty of hours to barely scrape by. She explains why she gave up her two children for adoption, and why her marriage fell apart. She takes readers through her descent into mental illness and addiction, while showing how she was able to dig herself out of the self-destructive hole.

“This is a very real account that sometimes gets in your face, but in the end, it is very honest and gritty,” Lennon says.

“Mississippi Moon: A Survivor’s Story” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels

 About the Author:Theresa M. Lennon considers herself a Jane of the arts (instead of a Jack of all trades) as she can sing, dance, play the drums, and write poetry and song lyrics. She has an associate’s from Whatcom Community College and is a civil rights activist, trained rape survivor advocate and ordained Christo-Pagan priestess. She has studied shamanism for more than 20 years as well as Christianity. Two of her poems have been published in the www.poetry.com anthologies from 2007 and 2008.

Theresa M. Lennon
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