New book warns of apocalyptic showdown in Jerusalem

“The Scramble for Jerusalem: the Second Coming and Fatal End Time Delusions” by James Henderson discusses the efforts of various religions to control a prophetically significant city

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The Scramble for Jerusalem

"The Scramble for Jerusalem" by James Henderson

“The Scramble for Jerusalem: the Second Coming and Fatal End Time Delusions” (ISBN 1439273480) by James Henderson contends that people of Islamic, Catholic, evangelical Christian, latter-day Puritan and Judaic faiths maintain end-time prophesies that center on the city of Jerusalem, a situation that he believes threatens world peace.

According to Henderson, various religions that claim descent from the Biblical patriarch Abraham hold specific views about the control of Jerusalem in preparation for the end of the world. Moreover, he argues that Sunni jihadists as well as Shia Iranians envision a new caliphate headquartered in Jerusalem. The result, Henderson maintains, could be a collision of forces that threatens the entire region and even the world. With this in mind, the author shows how he believes the end of the world prophecies of the five Abraham-centric religions are false, and gives an extended historical analysis of two competing end-time perspectives: the Jesuit theologies of Futurism and Preterism, belief systems that Henderson claims are contributing to an unholy religious civil war within Christianity that is inflaming tensions in the Middle East.

“For the first time, an analysis of all of the competing end-time theologies are brought together in one volume and shown to be competing, conflicting and equally false,” Henderson says. “Five major faiths feature Jerusalem as the capital of their coming Messianic kingdom and all are radically opposed to each other. They cannot all be right.”

Intended to educate and inform, the book analyzes centuries of religious theology and historical data in an effort to separate fact from fiction. The book is designed to reveal the causes of the Middle East conflict and the theologies behind them.

“The Scramble for Jerusalem: the Second Coming and Fatal End Time Delusions” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: James Henderson is a writer, educator and attorney. Schooled in England, he graduated from Newbold College before immigrating to the United States and becoming a naturalized citizen in 1994. Henderson attended Pepperdine University School of Law and subsequently served as an assistant dean and professor of legal philosophy at a small law school before entering private practice. In addition to his legal practice, Henderson has spoken extensively on history and prophecy. He is the author of “Indicted! The People vs. the Medical and Drug Cartel,” “Whisper of the Serpent: How a False Religious Theory of Knowledge Destroyed Ancient and Modern Science and Medicine” and “Terror Over Jerusalem: A Commentary on the Clash of Civilizations between Judeo-Christianity and Militant Islam.”

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