Children’s author mixes ghosts, Roman mythology in Valentine’s-themed book

V. R. Duin shows the importance of friendship, especially during special occasions in “The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day”
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The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day

"The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day" by V.R. Duin

No one wants to be alone on a special day like Valentine’s Day, and V. R. Duin’s Goopy Ghost is no different. In “The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day” (ISBN 146633780X), the author uses Roman mythology characters to find Goopy a new friend.

Goopy wants a soul mate in time for Valentine’s Day and seeks Cupid’s help. Since pumpkins are out of season toward the end of winter in February, Cupid must travel south in order to find a suitable fruit that he can make into a friend for Goopy.

While Goopy’s friendship with Mushy begins with chaos and turmoil, eventually the two friends are able to go forth in search of new friendships, without the help of magic. The author believes that the story of Goopy shows how important friends and family are not only to holiday celebrations, but to daily life as well.

The author believes that celebrations should include everyone, and tries to show this in the children’s series. The author notes that the uniqueness of “The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day” comes from the fantasy and mythology aspects interwoven throughout the story. The author believes that this, paired with the plot, makes this book enjoyable for both boys and girls.

“There is adventure for boys and social liaisons for girls,” the author says. “The story should appeal to all children everywhere that Valentine’s Day, or any holiday, is celebrated.”

“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: V.R. Duin is a lawyer and author of the series, “The Goopy Ghost.” The parent and grandparent lives with family on a small horse farm with two dogs.

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