Sequel to fiction thriller shows importance of cold case detectives, law enforcement

“Eyes of Cold Case Killers” by Charles Toftoy highlights the various skills and techniques that are important when solving cases in a fictional and entertaining setting
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Eyes of Cold Case Killers

"Eyes of Cold Case Killers" by Charles Toftoy

Charles Toftoy takes readers on an exciting adventure of murder, crime and much more in his novel “Eyes of Cold Case Killers” (ISBN 1461010136). He uses up-to-date police language and techniques to make his book more realistic and believable.

A follow-up to his novel “It’s in the Eyes,” Toftoy brings back characters for a second go-round in his psychological thriller that leaves readers wanting more. Lars Neilsen, a professor and sleuth, and his highly specialized Alpha Team are together again to assist local police with murder cases in the nation’s capital.

Toftoy educates readers on the details that go into solving police cases and, more specifically, the effects they can have on the families of the victims. He also highlights the tireless efforts of the detectives who work the cases, as they often go unnoticed or unappreciated in real life.

“My book is dedicated to police officers who have died in action and to cold case detectives for their unwavering devotion,” Toftoy says. “They never give up, so I have a lot of respect for those men and women. My book is very unique and timely, as cold cases are a top priority nationwide today.”

A portion of the proceeds received from “Eyes of Cold Case Killers” will be donated to Heroes, Inc., an organization dedicated to assisting families of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty in the Washington metro area.

“Eyes of Cold Case Killers” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Charles Toftoy is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Army before working in the corporate and academic worlds. Toftoy received his bachelor’s from West Point and his master’s from Tulane University and has a doctorate in business administration. He taught for the school of business at George Washington University for 17 years and is now a retired professor emeritus. Toftoy is married with two children and two Yorkshire terriers.

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