New book proposes solutions to broad range of scientific unknowns

“Theories of Everything by Logic” by Wan-Jiung Hu contains novel theories to explain puzzling phenomena in many different fields
(PR NewsChannel) / January 24, 2012 / TAIPEI, Taiwan  
“Theories of Everything by Logic” by Wan-Jiung Hu

“Theories of Everything by Logic” by Wan-Jiung Hu

“Theories of Everything by Logic” (ISBN 1456551523), a book of scientific theory by Wan-Jiung Hu, sets forth the author’s explanations for problems of biology, chemistry, physics, geoscience, economics and philosophy.

Grand in scope, Wan-Jiung’s first English-language publication is an attempt to provide exactly what its title claims, crafting new terminology and uniquely novel answers to mysteries that have plagued theorists for generations. In the field of physics alone, the book includes explanations for frame-dragging force, the origin of inertia, flight principle, new atom model with noval chemical bond theory and grand unified field theory among others. The book’s chapters on the other physical sciences are equally thoroughgoing before proceeding to explain money conservation and leverage theory in the field of economics and prove the existence of God and describe a unique framework of coincidence in the birth and death dates of famous people.

“I am proposing new theories that offer the key to understanding everything, from the answers of dark matter and dark energy to a more successful system for predicting earthquakes and tornados,” says Wan-Jiung.

A member of the prestigious German Society of Physics (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft), Wan-Jiung was inspired by a broken centrifugal machine to develop his theory of frame-dragging force, which then led to further research and the development of this book. Written to engage, inspire and revolutionize the scientific world, the book demands comparison with Newton’s “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” and Maxwell’s “A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism.” The text is intended for readers interested in learning more about science and logical philosophy.

“Theories of Everything by Logic” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Wan-Jiung Hu earned a medical degree from National Taiwan University and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. His PhD thesis is about molecular immunology and functional genomics study. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow performing  cancer immunotherapy project in Taiwan, where the physics, chemistry, biology and geoscience papers from “Theories of Everything by Logic” have been published. These papers are also available on Philica, an academic preprint server. He is currently an associate member of the American Geophysical Union and the Australian Institute of Physics and a full member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. He is also an IOPimember of Institute of Physics(British). Toward his doctoral study, Wan-Jiung received Taiwan Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship in Taiwan, sponsored by the Taiwan government. He is a licensed physician and has published two previous books in Chinese. “Theories of Everything by Logic” is his first book to be published in English.

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