New book on immigration challenges conventional wisdom, urges practical, evidence-based solutions

“IMMIGRATION: Here They Are, Ready or Not” by Bob Ritz addresses U.S.-Mexican immigration issues

(PR NewsChannel) / January 24, 2012 / TULSA, Okla. 

Immigration - Here They Are Ready or Not

"Immigration - Here They Are Ready or Not" by Bob Ritz

“IMMIGRATION: Here They Are: Ready or Not” (ISBN 1450553672) by Bob Ritz presents all sides of this hot-button issue and encourages Americans to make decisions based on the facts rather than on the extreme rhetoric of demagogues.

According to Ritz, the United States will have to rely on foreign workers in many segments of the economy for at least another two decades. Having lived among undocumented workers for many years, Ritz says that the U.S. needs to develop an equitable approach to immigration that recognizes economic realities on the ground using a well-managed guest worker program. The book presents readers with insights lacking in much of the public debate on the issue.

“Here They Are, Ready or Not” challenges traditional myths and stereotypes and provides much information that has not been widely shared. It is a valuable primer for all concerned citizens.

The book reveals the topsy-turvy realities of the U.S. labor market, such as the story of a U.S. employer who wired $6,000 to three Guatemalan teenagers to pay for a coyote to smuggle them into the U.S. because he could not find any skilled workers in his area. Ritz explores the incentives and pressures of the illegal labor market and offers practical ideas for dealing with it. The author describes the book as “a synthesis of things not commonly put together.”

“IMMIGRATION: Here They Are: Ready or Not” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Bob Ritz earned a master’s degree in comparative history (U.S. and Latin American history), and immigration studies. He studied in the United States and Mexico and holds previous degrees in liberal education, crop sciences and Spanish. An award-winning print journalist, Ritz was also the co-producer and script writer for a documentary film, “Circus: A Living Tradition,” which enjoyed an 18-month rotation on the Discovery Channel. He is currently an adjunct professor of history and political science, and teaches immigration studies to law enforcement personnel. He resides in Tulsa.

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