Four interconnected stories question happiness, death, ability to make right choice during challenging times

Gregory Morrison uses common issues readers face in life to illustrate how it shapes society’s character in “Four D”

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“Four D” by Gregory Morrison

“Four D” by Gregory Morrison

In his book “Four D” (ISBN 1463792662), Gregory Morrison tells four different stories and how they all connect to each other in unimaginable ways. Each character in Morisson’s book is fighting for happiness, but happiness has a different meaning to each of them as the story resembles reality and the length that people will go to find happiness.

Morrison explores the meaning of both happiness and loss. Through his characters, he poses the question of whether humans need to know everything to be happy and how that affects the ability to make the right decisions. His stories, “Space,” “Four Rooms,” “The Principle of Luidgi” and “Guest” all show the different traits and issues each character faces, while ultimately showing how they are all the same.

“Space” deals with a world of disappearing people and everything else that might or might not be important. With such sudden disappearances, people begin to not get used to or attached to anything and ultimately have to accept change.

Elise in “Four Rooms” is a prisoner of her own mind and seeks the truth by facing flashbacks in order to reclaim her life. She knows she must confront every mystery in order to accomplish her ultimate goal of finding the truth.

“The Principle of Luidgi” tells the story of Luidgi, a man who has everything but is tired of everything and everyone. As he trusts no one, he realizes that everyone isn’t as they seem, even those closest to him.

In “Guest” an unnamed character yearns to meet the Guest, a seemingly wise and trusted individual. After deciding to go through with “it” the Guest arrives. But the man soon finds that everything has a price and sometimes what you truly desire costs everything.

The book, which is the first of a trilogy, mixes a combination of romance and suspense thriller styles within the stories. Each story depends on one another and shows the emotions Morrison felt as he wrote it.

“…uniqueness and immediacy…fascinating…” —Jill Allen, ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“It’s a puzzle book,” Morrison says. “All stories are connected and readers just have to find out how it all turns out. It’s about changes and whether or not we want them in our lives.”

“Four D” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Gregory Morrison is originally from the Ukraine and works as a script writer and author. He has written scripts for short films such as “Stain Remover” and “Frankie Said Relax.” In his free time, he likes traveling, spending time with friends and is an amateur photographer. Morrison currently lives in London.

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