Father, daughter come together to write new book about music performance, importance of practice

Purvis Atkinson Jr. and Maylyn Atkinson Murphy teach readers the correct training tips to improve singing ability in “The Maylyn Murphy Singing and Performance Method”

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“The Maylyn Murphy Singing and Performance Method” by Purvis Atkinson Jr. and Maylyn Atkinson Murphy

“The Maylyn Murphy Singing and Performance Method” by Purvis Atkinson Jr. and Maylyn Atkinson Murphy

In their book “The Maylyn Murphy Singing and Performance Method” (ISBN 1466497939), Purvis Atkinson Jr. and his daughter Maylyn Atkinson Murphy  help aspiring singers improve their ability and showmanship by showing readers fundamental skills and musical theory.

Murphy and Atkinson assure readers that anyone can improve their vocal range, singing abilities and showmanship by continually practicing basic music theory, ear training and vocal performance. While usually taught as separate courses, these skills have been logically combined to apply these subjects in a practical and useful way.

The authors also explain the combination as a way for musicians to have the ability to collaborate with other musicians after reading their book. Their book is a beginning course aimed at young students, with the recommendation of using it with a music teacher.

“I want students and teachers to consider this book a primary resource that is easy to use and straightforward in presenting essentials for success in singing and performance,” Atkinson says. “It is also a great reference that students can use to brush-up on most technical problems they could experience if they haven’t sung in a while.”

The beginning course is filled with practical music fundamentals and invaluable tricks of the trade that are easy to understand, fund and informative. Murphy believes the range in music throughout the book will help students to better musicians.

“The Maylyn Murphy Singing and Performance Method” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Purvis Atkinson Jr. is a Navy veteran and music enthusiast and Maylyn Murphy’s father. He earned a bachelor’s from Excelsior College in New York. Maylyn Atkinson Murphy is a professional singer, songwriter, band leader and voice teacher. Murphy also owns an independent record label and has been a professional musician for more than a decade. She has a music degree from Berklee College of Music and has taught at the Doylestown Community Conservatory in Pennsylvania.

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SOURCE:  Purvis Atkinson Jr. and Maylyn Atkinson Murphy

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