Collection of real life stories chronicles results from 500 continuous improvement events

Gary Conner uses short stories to inspire and encourage readers in “Catapult the Cow”
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Catapult the Cow

"Catapult the Cow" by Gary Conner

“Catapult the Cow” (ISBN 1461065968) by Gary Conner describes the benefits companies receive from moving forward through kaizen, the Japanese word for “continuous improvement.” Conner’s stories, written in a “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul” format highlights 40 case studies from American and Canadian companies who have challenged themselves to eliminate non-value-added processes from their organizations.

The phrase “catapult the cow” references an event in the 14th century when a small kingdom in Europe was invaded by a military force. With their castle surrounded, the invaders decided to starve out the castle’s inhabitants. The commander of the castle took action and catapulted their last meal, a cow, over the wall sending a message to the invaders that starving them out was useless.

Conner uses this phrase because it relates to America’s foreign competitors and how they want to starve the country out of jobs and economic resources, among many other things. He says we must do the hard thing and address the fact that America can’t stand to lose another job. Americans must accept that the business models developed by our parents and grandparents are no longer a viable approach.

“The world has changed, and we have not kept pace,” Conner says. “We have to take what limited resources we have and use them to become the world class organizations, in turn rebuilding our economy into the world class model that it has been in the past.”

Conner hopes that Americans will be inspired by the real life stories that makeup “Catapult the Cow.” He believes that it is stories like these that will ignite the fire of change for America and its future.

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About the Author: Gary Conner is the recipient of the Shingo Prize and author of six books on world class manufacturing principles. Conner is a consultant to more than 150 companies and a kaizen facilitator.

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