Baby boomer shows personal side of being caregiver to life-long mate

Bernard Mooney shares his experience with losing a spouse and how to deal with it in his memoir “Tough Care: Never Stop Caring No Matter How Tough It Gets”
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Tough Care

"Tough Care" by Bernard Mooney

Watching a loved one suffer through a life-threatening illness isn’t easy, but being the caregiver can be even harder. Bernard Mooney opens up about caring for and eventually losing his wife in “Tough Care: Never Stop Caring No Matter How Tough It Gets” (ISBN 1466391375).

Mooney, a baby boomer himself, thinks his story will relate to others from his generation as they might be facing similar issues. He hopes that readers benefit from his experience, and take comfort in knowing they are not alone during one of life’s hardest times. He also believes that the commonalities of his late wife’s illness, which include diabetes, hypertension, stroke, dementia and depression, will relate to many readers.

Mooney had become the lone caregiver for his wife of 39 years as the effects of a life-threatening illness took over. Celia had been a proud member of the US Women’s Army Corps (WAC) for eight years. Her basic warrior ethos made her deteriorating health even more unbearable. Over the last four years of their marriage, her condition worsened, and Mooney did his best to take care of her completely on his own. Although the last few weeks of her life were spent in home nursing care and home hospice, Mooney still says that much of the weight to take care of her fell solely on his shoulders.

“Many people will face exactly the same or very similar circumstances that she and I faced together over the past several years. It is unfortunate, and inevitable, that the ending will be the same,” Mooney says.

The author has written this book to simply get his thoughts and feelings off of his chest, but he also believes that it can become a source of comfort and knowledge for others going through the same thing. Mooney claims that if “Tough Care” can help a single individual deal with a similar issue, then it makes everything even more worthwhile.

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About the Author: Bernard Mooney is a retired army officer and has degrees from Athens State College and New Mexico State University. Before his second retirement a few years ago, Mooney was the founder, president and CEO of DINA, Inc., a regular “C” corporation under the laws of the commonwealth of Va. His commercial career included the design and implementation of a hemisphere-wide communications network. While an army officer, he served as the chief of a mobile training team and a computer systems manager. His duties and travels enabled him to gain proficiency in German and Spanish.

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