Author details recovery from devastating brain injury, NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) in educational guide for caregivers

Judith Powell provides caregivers and patients with an inspirational and informative story about brain injury and NPH in “Always Wear Clean Underpants”

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Always Wear Clean Underpants

"Always Wear Clean Underpants" by Judith Powell

Judith Powell never thought her mother’s advice to “always wear clean underpants in case you’re in an accident” would ever help her in life. Powell suffered a brain injury after a head-on car collision and shares her story of complete recovery and advice for caregivers in “Always Wear Clean Underpants” (ISBN 1463797079).

The car accident left Powell without the simple controls humans take for granted. Her sister, family members and friends had to take on various roles to help her rehabilitate. She documents the treatments, difficult and humorous moments and the sacrifices she and her caregivers made to recover. Within a year of her injury, Powell returned to her position as the vice president of patient care services.

While the first part of her book is dedicated to helping caregivers of the brain injured, the second part introduces a relatively unknown consequence of the injury known as NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus). NPH left her, once again, completely incapacitated. Because it is often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson disease, it goes untreated.  She includes information to find a correct diagnosis and appropriate, successful treatment.

“With my background as a registered nurse, I have seen how many people and their caregivers suffer from these injuries and similar conditions,” Powell says. “I recovered completely, but know that it wouldn’t have been possible without my sister, family and friends. I want to help others who are walking the difficult and long road to recovery.”

Powell acknowledges how stressful and frightening the role of caregiver can be, and she hopes that “Always Wear Clean Underpants” will be a source of information and comfort for them. She hopes that caregivers and those with brain injuries and NPH find inspiration and knowledge within the pages of her story. 

 “Always Wear Clean Underpants” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: With a master’s in nursing and business administration, Judith Powell has served as a hospital vice president of patient care services. Who’s Who in American Nursing, Who’s Who in Nursing Administration and Who’s Who of American Women honored her multiple times for her work in the industry. She served as an advisory board member for adult education at Ohio High Point Technical School, the practical nursing program at Ohio High Point Technical College, the associate degree nursing program at Marion Technical College and the Home Health Department at Memorial Hospital of Union County. Since recovering from her brain injury, she has conducted workshops and seminars on leadership, motivation and problem solving. She and her husband have traveled around the world, and have five children, eleven grandchildren and two great-grand children.

Judith Powell



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