History of parental abuse leads to author’s book detailing life of adventure while escaping, then confronting his abuser

Jeff Noonan describes the lingering effects that abuse can have on a person and the people surrounded by it in his book “The Long Escape”
(PR NewsChannel) / January 19, 2012 / HELENA, Mont. 

The Long Escape

"The Long Escape" by Jeff Noonan

The effects of dealing with his abusive father had a significant impact on Jeff Noonan, his mother and his other siblings. In “The Long Escape” (ISBN 1466434260), Noonan tells readers his personal story while also offering advice about how to escape from abusive situations.

As a young boy, Noonan always looked up to his father, a former boxer, congressional candidate and park ranger. As he grew up, he began to encounter his father’s abuse of his mother, himself and his siblings.

As the oldest of eight children, Noonan finds himself fighting a battle for his family’s safety. The reader is alongside Noonan as he fights with his father, joins the Army and then the Navy. As a high school dropout, he desperately wants to help his family and give them a better life.

The story follows Noonan through Pacific Island love affairs, killer typhoons, Hong Kong bar battles and much more. It also shows how Noonan was able to work his way up the ladder from being a bathroom cleaner to becoming a leader of teams installing and testing experimental shipboard guided missile systems.

Noonan notes that most importantly, his book follows the constant battles he faced with his father.

“I would return to Montana periodically in an attempt to protect my family. The book follows these efforts for about a 14-year period leading up to a time where I finally realized some degree of success with the help of two teenage brothers,” Noonan says. “Coming from an abusive home, you ultimately have to learn how to grow from it as life progresses.”

Although unintentional, Noonan gives a lot of insight into the mind of an abused person who is desperate to overcome his abuser. While the family overcame their abuser and lived relatively successful lives, some members were left permanently damaged. Noonan describes the lingering effects of abuse and shows readers how to live with the effects.

“The Long Escape” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Jeff Noonan served in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, retiring from the Navy as a commissioned warrant officer. He then worked his way from an entry-level technical position to become the executive vice-president of SEACOR, a 900-person corporation with offices worldwide. Later he successfully served as the President of several corporations and was involved in the design and installation of large-scale data networks. He retired in 2001 to his hometown in Montana. His retirement was short lived as he was elected chairman of the community council and also president of the county Chamber of Commerce. He still lives in Montana with his family.

Jeff Noonan
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