Fictional autobiography of biblical figure sheds light on other pivotal figures, beginning of man

“The Autobiography of Eve” by Ralph Morin puts a unique twist on the popular biblical story from Genesis
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“The Autobiography of Eve” by Ralph Morin

“The Autobiography of Eve” by Ralph Morin

Blending biblical lore with caveman history, “The Autobiography of Eve” (ISBN 0615548172) by Ralph Morin is an audacious novel that imagines the mother of man presiding over the Stone and Bronze ages. She creates fire, invents the wheel, forges tools and even shepherds in agriculture and animal husbandry. Written in the format of Eve’s very personal diary, this highly original book takes us through Eve’s childhood, adolescence and the development of her relationship with Adam. 

We see her thoughts as she is cast out of Eden and watch as she ages, becoming a healer and an elder in a small village. From her personal writings, we glimpse a view of Adam that is quite different from the account in Genesis. Although he is a good father and a hard worker, he is a simple man who would rather spend his time hunting game and drinking mead. Cain and Abel figure largely in the diaries as does Seth, Eve’s lesser known third son.

This is not a religious book, but one written from a naturalist’s point of view that puts forth possible scientific explanations for events that take place in the Bible. It posits Eve as an extraordinary woman who might have lived during what scientists now call the Neolithic Revolution or the transition from nomadic hunting and gathering to village life based on agriculture and settlement. 

The living archaeology of “The Autobiography of Eve” is balanced by Eve’s salt-of-the earth tone and low-key humor. In the tradition of “Eve’s Diary” the short story by Mark Twain, Morin’s work is a provocative take on Judeo-Christianity’s most well-known tale. It is a guide to the Neolithic world from an intelligent woman’s point of view and a take on the Old Testament that is uniquely modern. 

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About the Author: Ralph Morin was born on a farm in rural Maine and grew up in the agricultural life as a farmer. He served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War, and after returning to civilian life, he worked a number of odd jobs till graduating from film school at the University of California, Los Angeles. With his training, he wrote and produced educational, documentary, industrial and feature films. He currently works full-time as a data manager at a Premier IBM Business Partner but still carves out time to write. He lives in the hills above Malibu. His first book, “The Cold War: A Remembrance,” is an historical novel that recounts the 50-year struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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