Children’s book shows you’re never too young to help others in need

Azra Mehdi’s daughter inspired her to write a book that shows young readers how to help others in “Hana Rescues Misty”
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Hana Rescues Misty

"Hana Rescues Misty" by Azra Mehdi

“Hana Rescues Misty” (ISBN 0615553613) by Azra Mehdi shows the impact children can have on their peers by doing something selfless and courageous. With adult supervision, children can influence others to do good as shown by Mehdi in her book for young readers. Mehdi’s daughter Hana inspired her to write a book that will hopefully encourage others in her age demographic to help those in situations of need to the best of their ability.

In the book, the main character, a young girl named Hana, finds a kitten stuck in a tree. She receives help from a firefighter, and though she is frightened to climb the tree, she overcomes her fear to rescue the kitten. Her instinctive response to be selfless and do something, rather than walking away highlights a quality most children innately possess.

Mehdi says the themes of caring and helping are universal, which allows readers and parents to relate to “Hana Rescues Misty” and its message.

“I want parents to be able to convey the important principles of concern for others’ well-being, participating in community projects, and care and caution,” Mehdi says. “The book also espouses a sense of community in that it demonstrates a child’s desire to help even where she has nothing to gain directly.”

She says the concepts of caring, helping and caution when dealing with strangers are introduced in a natural and matter-of-fact manner that can serve as a teaching point between children and their parents.

“Hana Rescues Misty” is available for sale online in paperback and e-book format at and other channels.

About the Author: Azra Mehdi was born and raised in Bombay (Mumbai), India.  Her inspiration and drive for writing comes from her children. Mehdi also has her own law practice where she represents investors, shareholders and consumers. Mehdi and her family currently live in San Francisco.

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