New book recounts author’s solo flight around globe at age 76

“Flight of a Lifetime” by William Randolph is the story of one man’s incredible journey filled with adventure
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“Flight of a Lifetime” by William Randolph

“Flight of a Lifetime” by William Randolph

“Flight of a Lifetime” (ISBN 0615524796), a memoir by William Randolph, tells of the author’s unique quest to build his own airplane and circumnavigate the globe on his own.

At the age of 76, rather than choosing a life of quiet retirement interspersed with trips to the golf course, Randolph decided that he would embark on the flight of a lifetime. After building his single engine plane, Randolph flew it solo 27,000 nautical miles over three oceans, eight seas and three gulfs as well as a few continents. From an emergency landing in a thunderstorm in Brazil to a near crash and aircraft fire in Thailand to pursuit by fighter jets over the Mediterranean, the journey was fraught with danger at every turn.

“On every leg of my trip I encountered wonderful people and made new friends,” says Randolph. “It’s a tale of adventure that’s available to anyone who dares.”

Inspired to write the book by the many who have heard his tale, the author recalls his journey with fondness. Although he was locked up in a few different countries and communication difficulties led to all sorts of delays, Randolph describes these incidents with humor in this account intended to engage, entertain and inspire other adventurers.

“Flight of a Lifetime” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: William Randolph was born in 1928 and joined the United States Navy early by lying about his age, fearful of missing World War II. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and made a career in the computer industry. Flying since 1946, Randolph has owned eight planes. At the age of 76, he decided to build his own airplane and fly it around the world. He currently resides in Santa Cruz.

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