Political book focuses on financial problems United States government faces, how it affects future generations

“Ideas for Saving America: Start in 2012” by Carter Coberly contains ideas for solving major federal government financial issues
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Ideas for Saving America

Carter Coberly has the ideas and strategies to help the current economic and financial status in America in his book, “Ideas for Saving America: Start in 2012” (ISBN 1466463376). His growing worry for his children and grandchildren’s future compelled him to challenge the United States and the government to change the way they handle business.

Coberly’s book educates American citizens on the growing financial crisis the U.S. federal government faces, and provides solutions for them. He presents new ideas to help solve the current financial problems; however, he stresses that these ideas will need to be driven by the American people themselves to see a change.

“It is a call to action for American citizens to make fundamental changes in how the federal government operates,” Coberly says. “Think about your kids; their future hangs in the balance. Will they enjoy a free country of unlimited opportunities, or will they suffer the consequences of an ever increasing federal government debt and financial collapse of the American government that was provided by our founding fathers?”

Each chapter of Coberly’s book deals with a specific financial issue, ranging from the Social Security system to federal spending. All in all, Coberly notes that something needs to be done different to ensure a stable financial future for upcoming generations.

“Ideas for Saving America: Start in 2012” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Carter Coberly has worked as an engineer and engineering manager for several well-known companies. He received his degrees from the University of Illinois and University of Puget Sound. Coberly was married for more than four decades until his wife succumbed of breast cancer. Since then, he continues with a shared hobby of theirs: genealogy. Coberly wrote and published a family history book about his ancestors with several lines going back nearly 10 generations in America. This led to his interest in American history. He is the father of two sons and has three grandsons.

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