New romance fiction introduces realistic alternative to vampires

Sandy Holden’s paranormal romance, “Underground,” steps away from popular vampires, and takes readers to the world of the Percuros
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(PR NewsChannel) / January 4, 2012 / DALLAS 


"Underground" by Sandy Holden

Vampires have cemented their place in the entertainment industry, even though each story seems to have a different explanation as to the creation of vampires. Some stories have stuck to the lore that has been established over the course of the past century when describing vampires and their history. In “Underground” (ISBN 1463588844), Sandy Holden uses the vampire myth as the backdrop to a more scientifically realistic creature.

Sara has been traveling across the country in search of something worthwhile. One night she decides to take a shortcut through a back alley to her car, but is abducted, and taken to the world of the Percuros. The unknown place is home to a group of beings similar to humans except that they are stronger and live longer, youthful lives. Her abductor, John, has begun the process of changing Sara in to a Percuro, and despite her reluctance, she is unable to resist the physical and psychological changes.

As Sara adapts to her new life, she develops feelings for John. Before they can explore the new relationship, Sara is sent off on a mission to spy on humans to gauge their knowledge of the Percuro species. While most people don’t realize they exist, the government is fully aware of this threatening group, and intend on eliminating them before they accumulate too much power. Sara is placed in the middle of the oncoming war and must choose which side to support.

“These people are not vampires. They’re living examples of evolution going a different way. However, pieces of their existence have leaked out to strengthen the vampire myth.,” Holden says. “This story started out with my wondering where the myth of vampires came from. What could have been out there that started the popular myth? This was the basis of my development of the Percuros and it ended as a vampire I could live with.”

Holden believes her fictional work is a break from the popular vampire novels of today, and hopes her unique explanation of vampires creates a positive response from readers.

“Underground” is available for sale online and in e-book format at and other channels.

About the Author: Born in Waterloo, Iowa, Sandy Holden has been writing as a form of relaxation since she was a child. Holden received a bachelor’s in English and elementary education from the University of Northern Iowa and her master’s in special education from the University of Minnesota. She lived throughout Minnesota, including Duluth, Rochester and Winona. She worked for an arts magazine in Minnesota and also for the Duluth News-Tribune as a marketing writer. Holden is currently a teacher in Dallas.

Sandy Holden
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