Author merges murder mystery with Christian end of time context to create dramatic story for readers of all genres

Dr. Robert Loyd Hendley combines a murder mystery plot with theological elements of the popular Christian series “Left Behind” in “Prelude: An End Times Mystery Thriller”
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"Prelude" by Dr. Robert Loyd Hendley

In his book “Prelude: An End Times Mystery Thriller” (ISBN 1463727747), Dr. Robert Loyd Hendley creates a Christian end of days story following the same doctrine as the “Left Behind” series, but adds his personal twist of a murder mystery.

Tom Grant almost doesn’t make it through his final year of seminary. His big problem is not academics; it’s surviving an attack from Satan that nearly costs him his life. When he subsequently takes a position as youth minister in a coastal Georgia resort town, he finds himself allied with Police Chief Ed Geffen, who is struggling to solve a murder case with suspected demonic elements.

Meanwhile, Francois Rinaldi, the son of a European billionaire, is also in Georgia finishing up his education before starting a career in international politics. As clues begin to lead Tom and Ed to Francois as the lead suspect, they learn he is much more dangerous than either of them could have ever imagined.

The adventure that ensues will lead the two heroes into the ultimate battle of good versus evil. A spiritual war containing the Antichrist himself is raging with the implications triggering the end of days discussed in the book of Revelation.

“Presently, there’s a public anxiety, even dread, concerning the future. Many secular publications and television productions deal with the concept of an approaching Armageddon of some sort. The underlying causes are ongoing wars, terrorist attacks, unusual patterns in the world’s weather and growing evidence of a global economic collapse. Christ included each of these in the Olivet Discourse, a prediction of end times events given to His disciples and described further in the book of Revelation,” Hendley says.

By combining a murder mystery with Christian subject matter, Hendley hopes to attract readers outside of the Christian genre. Since the release of the “Left Behind” series, the topics of spiritual warfare, satanic attacks and other typically Christian subjects have transitioned well to mainstream channels, and Hendley believes “Prelude” will do the same.

“Prelude: An End Times Mystery Thriller” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Robert Loyd Hendley received his medical degree from Vanderbilt Medical School, and served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Navy, where he was a Lieutenant Commander. After completing a residency at Emory University, he opened an ophthalmology practice in Georgia. He served as the president of both the Atlanta Ophthalmology Society and the Georgia Society of Ophthalmology. Hendley was listed as the primary author of the article “Radiation Treatment of Meibomian Gland Carcinoma,” which appeared in the American Journal of Ophthalmology in 1979. He has studied the Bible with a special interest in prophecy, and taught Sunday school classes on that and other topics.

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