Three-book series combines newly discovered ancient knowledge, our latest scientific theories to explain coming new age of humanity

Richard N. MacLeod explores newly uncovered ancient knowledge and how it relates to God and Heaven, love and happiness in “Revelation Two: The First People”
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Revelations two

"Revelations two" by Richard N. MacLeod

“Revelation” (ISBN 1466432624) begins a true story about a no nonsense engineer as he searches for his ancestry in the Hebrides Islands. He uncovers the secrets of ancient stone structures and an unknown language of symbols carved into stone and is transported through time, shown the origins of humanity and given the secrets of Heaven of how to live happily in this world. Many amazing photos, sketches and technical drawings have been included to help readers make this incredible journey for themselves.    

In the newly printed second book “Revelation Two, The First People” MacLeod continues his exploration on the Isle of Skye where he investigates an ancient legend about a bridge to Heaven. The first people are those who built these stone structures beyond 5,000 years ago, and also those now waking up in this world today. The core message of the first people the author says is this, “The way to Heaven in this world is to open your mind to understanding and your heart to love, and as you do Heaven will appear on its own. As you discover what is within you, you are changed forever, and the world changes with you.”   

The forthcoming third book, “Revelation Three, Heaven Within,” is about the nature of the universe and how it is constructed as a singular unity. This book utilizes the latest theories in science and newly discovered ancient wisdom of the first people to bring a new view of life and a most beautiful single harmonious view of our natural reality. These books are for the general reader who is interested in the meanings of life, love and happiness.

“I am here to tell you, that the information within this book series is not mere theory. We have plenty of that already. Rather, the information contained within this book is powerful and a practical kind of metaphysical dynamite that has the power to unlock the true potential of the human mind, the human species, as it was truly meant to be. My advice, knowing this unique man, his character, and his inviolate integrity so closely and the authenticity of his own awakening, is to pay careful attention to what he is saying. For it has the power to unlock your potential in the very same way,” Rev. Dr. R. Todd Michael says.

“Revelation” and “Revelation Two” are available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Richard MacLeod is an explorer into science, religion, the arts, ancient mystery, humanity and human evolution. He invites you on his journey to discover the joys of life, a better way of living, and to discover what life is really all about. Incredible knowledge has been left to us carved into stone over 5,000 years ago. So I am asking for your help to further uncover this incredible mystery. This is not a story about me, but about miracles and my discovery of the knowledge of the light, so please remember that. And through writing these books I hope to share the miracles and the knowledge with you. Many amazing photos, sketches and technical drawings have been included to help you make this incredible journey for yourself.       

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