Author pens quirky semi-autobiographical account of his life

“CLICK! Personality Trip” by A.J. Howard follows the travels of young students who go on an international adventure and end up finding themselves in the process
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CLICK! Personality Trip

"CLICK! Personality Trip" by A.J. Howard

A.J. Howard dealt with life struggles while coming into his own which he incorporates in his book, “CLICK! Personality Trip” (ISBN 1467918938). He mentions that what he went through is similar to what people are going through worldwide with protests, recessions and rising gas and food prices. Howard believes readers will get a chuckle out of his book, which he says is something everyone needs in the current economic climate. 

The coming-of-age story about 18-year-old Quentin James is loosely based on Howard’s life. Frustrated with his career as a paste-up artist, Quentin leaves London to broaden his horizons. He joins a diverse group of young international travelers, and together, they embark on a life-changing journey to find their vocations in life. Throughout the book the narrative is interspersed with amusing short poems and cartoons offering an alternative perspective on events. It ends up being a personality trip rather than a traveling trip. 

Quentin’s journey to discover his purpose in life mirrors the author’s experiences of growing up as the black sheep in a family filled with successful siblings. Howard’s trips to Israel and Egypt served as the basis for this book.

“I was arrested in 1988 (mistaken identity) during Mardi Gras and went to New Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) for a week,” Howard says. “It was following this that I began to write. As my first short story based on my time in OPP was well received, I decided that I should write about my very first traveling experience to Israel and Egypt. I did not set out intending this to be a full book or a funny one at that; it just came naturally.” 

Howard says his light-hearted book is a comical dig at society, and targeted at everyone who has had to take a less than desirable job to have a social life while dreaming of something better. 

“CLICK! Personality Trip” is available for sale online at and other channels. 

About the Author: A.J. Howard was born and raised in Raynes Park, south London. He began a photographic career in London before leaving to travel. This background allowed him to work in the cruise ship industry and he traveled in the Caribbean and throughout Europe. Indeed, his photography has taken him all over the world. He has written several other books including the Louis the Furred series (about mice) and the Asylum Years (short stories like his OPP one).

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