Author attempts to help aging men correct common problems with humorous guide

“Old Cock Syndrome…Trouble in the Hen House” by Jim Towse documents the problems some men may face as they grow older
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Old Cock Syndrome... Trouble in the Hen House

"Old Cock Syndrome... Trouble in the Hen House" by Jim Towse

With some tongue-in-cheek humor, author Jim Towse tackles the uncomfortable subject of dysfunction some men face in their life and relationships in “Old Cock Syndrome…Trouble in the Hen House” (ISBN 1463626975).

Towse’s book takes a unique look at the aging process of men and the increasing level of disconnect men have from women with the onset of “the golden years.” His goal is to reel in men who appear to be following this trend, and help them become more aligned with women, specifically their wife, and their children.

According to Towse, old cock syndrome (O.C.S.) is running rampant across the country and the worst part is that most men don’t know they suffer from it, or are in complete denial about it. Using stories from friends and publically known examples of O.C.S., Towse calls out these actions and provides a symptom analysis and personal diagnosis for recovery.

The book discusses more than just personal relationships though. The relationship and dysfunctions mentioned are also discussed with a corporate and government world point of view. Towse includes Wall Street commentary and discusses how ego-driven greed is a driving force behind banking in today’s world.

Although serious when it needs to be, “Old Cock Syndrome” is a humorous and conversational discussion about the interesting and bizarre behavior men partake in, even though they probably know better. The raw, but self-depravation of the male psyche delivers a serious message without the self-help lecture that men tend to shy away from.

“I want readers to identify with some of my observations, laugh out loud and view the book as a non serious analysis of male behavior with a serious message about being a better man,” Towse says. “It’s a simple and short short and peppered with an unsophisticated, untrained self diagnosed view of the ailment and cure.”

“Old Cock Syndrome…Trouble in the Hen House” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Jim Towse spent over two decades employed by a Fortune 500 Corporation living, working and travelling through Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean and West Afica. He is twice-married and with admittedly limited expertise consisting of 35 years studying the male condition, covering various cultures and direct observation in more than 20 countries. He currently works in the automotive retail industry.

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