Facebook users blocked from ‘sharing’ positive article on new competitor UNTHINK

Facebook users who try to share the 'Huffington Post' article receive a message that the content is 'abusive'
(PR NewsChannel) / November 2, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Facebook users are blocked from 'sharing' positive article on rival UNTHINK.

Facebook users are blocked from 'sharing' positive article on rival UNTHINK.

Just hours after announcing that more than 100,000 people signed up on UNTHINK site in just days, UNTHINK said today that Facebook users are being blocked from sharing a positive article about UNTHINK, the new Facebook competitor that launched one week ago with an anti-Facebook message.

The ‘Huffington Post’ article on UNTHINK contains an area to make it easy for readers to easily share the article about UNTHINK on social media.

But Facebook users who try to do so are blocked because the content “has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.”

The ‘Huffington Post’ article titled “Unthink, The ‘Anti Facebook,’ Wants To Free You From Social Networks’ ‘Dictatorship” posted yesterday afternoon. Users ‘shared’ it on Facebook 573 times and ‘liked’ it 1,259 times before being blocked by Facebook.

Someone who commented on the article, going by the name “Charismatron” first reported to issue, writing: “Won’t let you share with FB link–but there’s always copy/paste.”

‘Huffington Post’ readers are still free to retweet the article on Twitter or post it on Google+.

The ‘Huffington Post’ article says this about UNTHINK:

The site, branded as the “anti-Facebook,” bills itself as an “emancipation platform” for people who want to be social online, but are frustrated by unfavorable privacy policies, in-your-face advertising and unexpected updates that keep them scrambling to protect their information. Since launching in beta on Oct. 25, Unthink has registered over 100,000 new members. To Unthink CEO and founder Natasha Dedis, Facebook is “a place that looks like a palace, but in which users are slaves.” Unthink, she counters, is “a promised land that [users] own and can build what they want to build.” The site traffics in the language of revolution and Dedis says she is on a mission to radically transform how people interact and share online. On Unthink, technical features are overshadowed by ideology. Though the functionality of the site remains limited, borrowing elements of Facebook and Twitter, it has grand ambitions of overtaking Facebook by delivering a social sphere that vows to respect the wishes and privacy of its users.

There was so much traffic on UNTHINK in the first two days the servers crashed. By the end of the weekend, more than 100,000 people were active on the new social media site. The company says numbers on UNTHINK are doubling daily both in terms of active people on the site and casual visitors. UNTHINK launched in beta on Tuesday of last week.

Are you an Unthinker? And would you like to lead this revolution? Go to UNTHINK.com (www.UNTHINK.com) and sign up today!

UNTHINK Corporation is a technology company based in Tampa, Fla. UNTHINK is not a start-up. It was founded on April 22, 2008 by successful entrepreneurs with experience in re-inventing markets, and is supported by a dedicated team of more than 100 cutting-edge techies and rebels. It is a product of the foresight of its founders who three years ago realized that social media was headed in an alarming direction. UNTHINK.com is a social media revolution. It is built ON purpose WITH purpose to better serve people and brands, empower them, and make their lives easier. It disrupts existing market ‘think’ and shifts social media in the direction of Win-for-All.


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