Certified life coach set to launch new nationwide program designed to create maximum reward from small changes

Becky Tirabassi announces new virtual life-coaching program allowing followers to greatly alter long-term health goals by making small changes to everyday activities
(PR NewsChannel) / November 1, 2011 / NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. 
Becky Tirabassi

Becky Tirabassi

Certified life coach, accomplished author and award winning fitness instructor Becky Tirabassi has created a new program named Little Changes Big Results®, designed to help make lasting changes in peoples’ lives by altering some of life’s smallest details.

‘Little Changes Big Results® 60 Day Starting Over’ is an economic program based on her book, “Keep The Change,” which includes four hours of phone coaching over a 60 day period and a daily food log review with Tirabassi, your personal ‘change’ coach.  After 60 days, an optional 10-month ‘Sustain Your Change’ series is available at an additional cost.

Tirabassi has developed a unique and interactive program that has helped over 600 men and women make immediate little changes and get lasting big results.  It’s easy to start and simple to maintain. Rather than spend money on travel or long hours in seminars or meetings, Tirabassi has designed a proven two-stage ‘Little Changes Big Results‘ program for those with hectic lifestyles and limited budgets.  In an online and smartphone society, her interactive program has all the elements necessary for her ‘coachees’ to achieve long-lasting goals.

“We all know someone who is stuck in an addiction, desperate to lose weight, or simply can’t start over after a recent loss or disappointment,” Tirabassi says. “This program can help even those with the most hectic lifestyle make changes that will have lasting effects on their overall health.”

Tirabassi is an encouraging, empathetic and certified life coach whose sole purpose is to teach each of her ‘coachees’ to make three little changes and get three big results: immediate weight loss, enhanced communication skills and improved self-esteem.  The program is set to launch on November 15, 2011.

Tirabassi is available to speak with you personally regarding each of her Little Changes Big Results® programs and a complete press kit can be sent to answer any questions. An online press room has also been set up to assist in answering questions.

About Becky Tirabassi: Becky Tirabassi is an award winning fitness Instructor, certified life coach, TV personality, author of 15 books and speaker to groups ranging in size from 40 to 40,000. She has successfully coached hundreds of people, helping them to lose weight, gain sobriety, stay married, regain employment or raise healthy children.  In addition to 33 years of sobriety, Tirabassi is a graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and is currently enrolled at University of Southern California in the master’s of social work program.  See some of Tirabassi’s previous work.

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