E.G.G. Strategic Alliance to showcase award-winning artist Yuan Xikun

E.G.G. Strategic Alliance and China Institute in America are joining forces to host the renowned artist’s works provided by the Yiyuan Society of China
(PR NewsChannel) / October 26, 2011 / NEW YORK 
Portrait of Saint of Forest - Tiger (1993)

"Portrait of Saint of Forest - Tiger" (1993) by Yuan Xikun

The China Institute in America and E.G.G Strategic Alliance (EGGSA) will co-host famous artist Yuan Xikun’s works at the CUE Art Foundation at 511 West 25th Street. The free, one-time event will take place on Monday, November 7, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The exhibit, ‘Two to Three Dimensions: Blend of Contemporary Chinese Art and Western Aesthetic,’ will feature 25 of Xikun’s award-winning works that range from contemporary paintings to sculptures. The event will also include ‘ARTtalk & Dialogue,’ an interactive discussion between the artist, critics, curators and other art professionals about the role of artist in redefining the function of contemporary art in the art market and world.

Xikun, as the top-three of contemporary Chinese artists listed in 2010, was invited to create hundreds of portraits for world personages, and his sculptures have been featured in museums from St. Petersburg, Russia to Washington and everywhere in between. His works have been used in popular places like the Smithsonian International Center in Washington and Beijing Zoo in China. Xikun has won many international medals in the field of sculpture, such as the highest honorable medals from foreign presidents and cultural agencies. Last year, his sculpture set a Chinese record in the sculpture category at Poly International Auction.

Xikun is well-known not only for his artwork, but his role as an environmentalist, educator, public speaker and philosopher. For more information about Xikun’s art achievement and social life, please visit http://xikuny.squarespace.com

Yuan Xikun

Yuan Xikun

Yiyuan Society is the largest private museum in China that aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and international exchanges. This museum has been known to highlight established and young artists from different parts of the world as well as their variety of works. Through the interdisciplinary practice of conservation and education, the museum aims to reinforce art history and contemporary art, and is committed to preserving and advancing the understanding of visual arts, not only locally but across the world.

China Institute in America is a nonprofit organization advances a deeper understanding of China through education, culture and business in the belief that cross-cultural understanding strengthens the global community.

EGGSA, the Yiyuan Society of China and the China Institute hope that this one-time art show at the Cue Art Foundation will bring a better understanding of the relationship between the United States and China through the universal language of art.

For more information, please contact EGGSA at (626) 636-6797.

About E.G.G. Strategic Alliance: E.G.G. Strategic Alliance (EGGSA) is an organization to build a platform for government, businesses, media NGOs to exchange ideas and build the partnership. From policymakers to scholars, entrepreneurs to artists, the Alliance’s program help to educate and forge connections that result in strong partnership and informed decision-making across ranges of disciplines in different sectors. Headquartered in Washington DC with the branch offices in California and Beijing, its programs focus on public policy, business strategies, environment, legal services, new media, culture and art. These programs are designed for different sector to find potential cross-sector collaborations in both domestic and international communities.

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