Drew Peterson criminal defense team says allegations against civil attorney has ‘no impact whatsoever’ on criminal case

Criminal defense team releases a statement.

(PR NewsChannel) / September 20, 2011 / CHICAGO 

The following is a statement from lead attorney Joel A. Brodsky, and the criminal defense team representing Drew Peterson.

“While Walter Maksym has represented Drew Peterson in two unrelated civil matters, he is not, and never has been, involved with Drew Peterson’s criminal defense case.  The situation Mr. Maksym now faces with the federal courts has no impact whatsoever on the criminal defense of Drew Peterson.

“While acknowledging the excellent civil law work Mr. Maksym has done for him, Mr. Peterson has decided to ask Mr. Maksym to temporarily step aside on the one remaining civil law matter while he focuses on his personal issue.”


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SOURCE:  Joel A. Brodsky, Esq.

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