Columbia Restaurant announces partnership with Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC

The partnership between the Tampa restaurant and Louisiana seafood producers began the day before the 2010 Gulf oil spill

(PR NewsChannel) / September 6, 2011 / YBOR CITY, FL 

Curt Gaither, COO Columbia Restaurant Group. Gerard Thomassie, Owner of Poor Pierre Shrimp, Richard Gonzmart, 4th Generation and President, Columbia Restaurant Group

Richard Gonzmart, fourth generation family member of Florida’s oldest restaurant – The Columbia in Tampa’s historic Ybor City – announces a partnership with Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC in Golden Meadow, La., producers of Poor Pierre’s shrimp.  The partnership began in April 2010, the day before the Gulf oil spill, with a verbal agreement.

When the Gulf oil spill of 2010 happened, Gonzmart was quick to tell Gerard Thomassie, second generation family member and owner of Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC that he would honor the verbal agreement they had made, reassuring Thomassie that he believed in their business, and its ability to source quality shrimp for the Columbia’s needs.

“The Columbia supports family-owned American businesses.  We believe the finest tasting shrimp in the world are domestic wild-caught shrimp from the sustainable and pristine natural habitat waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Gonzmart family is proud to announce our partnership with Gerard Thomassie’s family-owned Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC by using their Poor Pierre’s shrimp in our century-old family recipes,” Gonzmart said.

Gonzmart recently visited Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC in Golden Meadow, La. He inspected the boats, plant and their shrimp with Thomassie.  The companies then formalized their partnership with a signed agreement.

“We are very, very loyal people,” said Gonzmart. “Like everyone we do business with, we have had our ups and downs. When one of our partners goes through a bad time, we continue to support them, just as we know they will support us.”

Gerard Thomassie, second generation family member and owner of Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC is proudly continuing in the family tradition his father started nearly 40 years ago.  His company has 55 employees, and since the 2010 Gulf oil spill, he has kept all of their core employees. He is also increasing staff as production levels increase.

“Everyone at our company, from management to dockhand, are all excited and honored to be a partner in the Columbia’s ongoing commitment of providing quality products to their patrons. I look forward to assisting Richard Gonzmart, his family and the Columbia’s employees in their quest to continue to provide their patrons with a most memorable experience, signified by an eager return,” said Thomassie.

The Thomassie family started in the shrimp business in Louisiana as vessel owners and operators in the early 1970s, and in 1985, they opened their first dockside unloading and grading facility with ice plant and fuel dock to service the fishing boats.  That company was named Thoma-Sea Fisheries Inc.

In 1990, Louisiana Shrimp & Packing Inc. opened with the purchase of a previous full service processing facility which had been repossessed in the local area.

In 2011, the name was changed to Louisiana Shrimp Processing & Packing LLC upon the retirement of his father, Robert Joseph Thomassie, and his mother, Geraldine Dupre Thomassie.

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