Social media news: UNTHINK to Facebook and Google+: ‘The gig is up’

After more than three years in secret development, UNTHINK social media invites you to emancipate yourself and take down the two 'greedy giants.' Can the Unthinkers of this world prevail?

(PR NewsChannel) / August 18, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 

UNTHINK social mediaBig social media news: UNTHINK, nearly four years in the making, announces its imminent launch just as the public’s discontent with Facebook reaches an all-time high and Google enters the social media arena with Google+, which experts have described as a rushed-to-market Facebook copycat.

UNTHINK ( is not another social network; it is a social revolution. UNTHINK was built ON purpose – WITH purpose. It is the product of the foresight of its founders, who in 2007 realized that social networks were headed for a dead end because of their arrogant behavior and total disregard of users, and that Facebook would evolve into what some call a cyber-dictatorship.

Now with social media news about how the whole world is coming to realize the problems plaguing current social media – such as compromised privacy, endless redesigns, profiles turned into commercial junkyards, ever-changing terms of use – and the inherent danger of these dictatorial structures to our freedoms, UNTHINK is preparing to launch the solution.

“I realized this was a revolution waiting to happen,” says UNTHINK founder and CEO Natasha Dedis. “Here was a huge market with most of its growth still ahead of it; with the market leader taking advantage of users through an outdated and exploitive business model; a market built on the business ‘logic’ that user profiles, relationships and conversations are CONTENT to be exploited for profit.”

Realization to solution takes years, as former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo recently explained. He stated that it would take two years for 250 people to build a Facebook competitor and, by then, Facebook and the whole market would be completely different. Therefore, for Facebook to be challenged, it would take the foresight to anticipate future market needs and the ability to visualize a solution and bring together all the necessary resources to make it happen. But more than that, it would take a team so passionate about setting things right that they would be willing to face any risk and go up against insurmountable odds to give people a CHOICE.

And that’s exactly what UNTHINK did.

UNTHINK Corporation is a technology company based in Tampa, Fla. It is also the parent company of two wholly-owned subsidiaries: UNTHINK Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a development center based in New Delhi, India, and UNTHINK International Ltd., an international delivery center in Dublin, Ireland. UNTHINK is not a start-up. It was founded after a year of research on April 22, 2008 by successful entrepreneurs with experience in re-inventing markets, and is supported by a dedicated team of more than 100 cutting-edge techies and rebels.

In 2007, UNTHINK’s founders studied Facebook’s terms of service and business model and decided to research further. “We came to discover that they were baiting users by offering them a ‘free’ service and in exchange they were taking away their FREEDOM,” says UNTHINK founder and chief legal officer Spiro Verras. “Users were then subjected to endless redesigns and term changes, in effect treated as guinea pigs as Facebook tried to make money.” The UNTHINK team realized that this was a platform of control with the intention of creating a “walled garden” with the potential to undo the democratic web.

As UNTHINK prepares to launch, it invites all the Unthinkers of this world to rise and declare the emancipation of social media, paving the way for a social revolution. “We worked hard for more than three years to research people’s needs and present them with a solution that will empower them,” says Dedis. “We believe that anyone can be extraordinary; that anyone can bring the change they want to see in the world. Our mission is to emancipate social media and unleash people’s extraordinary potential. Our – not so covert – mission is to spark a social revolution. We believe in people.”

Are you an Unthinker? And would you like to lead this revolution? Go to and register.

A video just released today by UNTHINK illustrates the enthusiasm and trust Facebook users placed in Facebook when they first joined, the letdown, the problems, and calls people to action:


“You told us this is our world, this is our show; you set it up, invited us in. A performance for all by all. I couldn’t wait to strut my stuff, to stand out in my share of the spotlight. I couldn’t wait to tell my story! I couldn’t believe all this was free!

But I never knew that I’d be part of some damn puppet show …that you thought you could own me!

ENOUGH with your endless dictating, arrogant attitude, disrespecting me, imposing your rules on me, moving my things, jerking me with endless tricks, controlling my news feed, caging me in, making money by interrupting me, constantly spying – yes, spying on me! I’ve seen through your illusion of free.

How lame can you be?

You even called me a dumb f**k just ’cause I trusted you!

All you greedy giants fighting over my turf, yanking me around, trying to intimidate me: I’m nobody’s fool.

The gig is up. You broke my trust.

So now YOU listen to ME: It’s FU time! I’m not gonna live under your tyranny.

This is my turf, my world, my story to write, my turn to lead. I am finally breaking free! Come on world, let’s write our own story!”

Look for our upcoming videos and press releases to find out more about UNTHINK at or on YouTube at

Coming Next: a video featuring Unthinkers explaining why “Anyone Can Be Extraordinary!”


UNTHINK Corporation is a technology company based in Tampa, Fla. UNTHINK is not a start-up. It was founded on April 22, 2008 by successful entrepreneurs with experience in re-inventing markets, and is supported by a dedicated team of more than 100 cutting-edge techies and rebels. It is a product of the foresight of its founders who three years ago realized that social media was headed in an alarming direction. is a social media revolution. It is built ON purpose WITH purpose to better serve people and brands, empower them, and make their lives easier. It disrupts existing market ‘think’ and shifts social media in the direction of Win-for-All.

Looking Backward from a User Perspective
Social media until now:
-A popular activity spoiled by a business ‘logic’ that clashed with users
-Compromised their privacy
-Plagued by endless redesigns
-Profile pages turned to commercial junkyards
-Ever-changing terms of use
-Segmented into multiple one-dimensional niche networks
-Unable to live up to its core promise of empowerment
-Lacked a strategy to stimulate collaboration between people and brands
-A non-transparent business, which used people as guinea pigs in its pursuit to exploit the social graph for profit

Looking Backward from a Brand Perspective
Social media until now:
-Consumed by privacy controversies
-Forced brands to build pages and fan bases they didn’t own
-Deleted accounts at will
-Subordinated brands to ever-changing policies and constantly dictated terms of use
-Segmented into multiple on dimensional niche networks
-Kept brands hostage to an unrealized promise of direct engagement
-A ‘business’ without a sustainable business model, which used brands as guinea pigs in its futile pursuit for profit


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