Self-help guide dares middle-aged women to go from good to great

Liz DiMarco Weinmann combines her personal and professional experiences to dare women over 40 to achieve the highest levels of success in “Get DARE from Here!”
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Get DARE! from Here by Liz DiMarco Weinmann

In the early 2000s and the middle of her life, Liz DiMarco Weinmann made a few career moves that didn’t pan out exactly as she had planned. She faced a midlife transition and what she thought was a complete disaster before realizing that she was on her way to making the most of her life.  In her guide for women over 40, “Get DARE from Here!” (ISBN 1463565704), the author explains how and why some of the greatest and most successful years of life are on their way.


When looking at her life as well as the lives of her peers, Weinmann saw many similarities amongst middle-aged women, including the challenges and frustrations faced along the way. She analyzed the hurdles many of her peers had faced and saw that some were successful; others had emerged stronger and more fearless from facing their challenges head on.

As she analyzed these women, Weinmann was able to identify four characteristics that set them apart from the rest. These women had the drive to fulfill their dreams despite what stood in their way as well as the energy to advance.  The women relied on their passion to help them meet their fate and rule their world as well as their confidence to express their own expertise and experience. Weinmann saw how the features of drive, advance, rule and express combined to help these women to dare to improve their lives.

Weinmann uses research and examples from these famous women to show readers that some of their greatest achievements may come in their 40s and beyond. With a career in educational consulting and professional development, she provides readers with a how-to—and why-to—guide that also explains how to achieve success at any age. Urging women over 40 not to succumb to the negative media portrayal of aging women, the author uses words of encouragement to inspire them to dare to achieve the unachievable.

“If you look around and listen to most media, you’ll hear everything from ‘cougars’ to ‘hags,’” Weinmann says. “I want to be a positive voice for this powerful group of women.”

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About the Author:
Liz DiMarco Weinmann founded and currently serves as the CEO of The DARE-Force Corporation, which serves women over 40-years-old who want to pursue, develop and lead fulfilling ventures in their personal lives, careers and communities. She has previously worked as a marketing consulting executive in New York and Washington, D.C., focusing on female markets. Weinmann earned her master’s in business administration with a concentration in finance and leadership from New York University’s Stern School of Business, where she now teaches marketing. She began her journey to DARE after an unfortunate series of career moves in the early 2000s, and has included her humbling yet encouraging range of experiences into “Get DARE from Here!”

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