Political thriller gives readers taste of royalty in woman’s search for family

Moira Henderson’s “Green Card, Blue Blood” depicts an antique buyer’s family history investigation, one that leads her to Scottish royalty
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Imagine living your life not knowing a thing about your family history. Antique buyer Victoria Stewart knows this feeling all too well as she works to unravel the secrets of her family history and Scottish royalty lineage in Moira Henderson’s novel, “Green Card, Blue Blood” (ISBN 1456553038).

Victoria Stewart lost her parents early in life and as an adult, becomes inspired to go out in search of her family history and any living relatives. Enlisting the help of a lawyer, Victoria and her boyfriend, Steve, discover that the crest on her green card is given only to members of the royal family.

The Edinburgh native leaves her home in New York with Steve to check her birth records in London at the Summerset House, where all records of British citizens are stored. Victoria is shocked to find that there is no documentation of her birth. The trip to trace her family roots soon takes a frenzied twist. While in London, she and Steve become targeted for murder until they’re rescued by a member of the secret Scottish society known as the Crann Tara. The society is dedicated to protecting royalty.

The couple escapes to safety in Edinburgh, where they find that Victoria, through her mother, is related to Mary Queen of Scots. This discovery means that her children will be afforded access to the British throne. Since her mother died in childbirth, Victoria was never informed of this privilege until now.

An even eerier detail presents itself to Victoria – a list her father made detailing all people the secret M15 department killed in an attempt to destroy the royal Stewart blood line. Through a series of chilling revelations of her bloodline, Victoria delves deeper into what appears to be the truth about her heritage.

“This novel depicts the royal heritage of the Scots, an issue many Scots still passionately believe in,” Henderson says. “Scottish history, such as the death of Princess Diana, has been well documented in the press.”

Inspired by her own time in Scotland, Henderson shares the country’s rich, historical culture throughout “Green Card, Blue Blood.” The novel aims to open readers’ eyes to the Scottish people’s respect for royalty in a story of a woman who becomes aligned with the royal family.

“Green Card, Blue Blood” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:

Moira Henderson is a registered nurse who has served patients on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for the past 35 years. She is certified in forensics and orthopedics. Henderson was raised in the beautiful highland town of Oban, Argyllshire in Scotland, where Princess Diana’s mother lived the latter part of her life.


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