J-Lo keeps her celebrity divorce on ‘the Down Low’

LA family law attorney Chris Melcher, talks celebrity divorce and what we should learn from it
(PR NewsChannel) / July 19, 2011 / LOS ANGELES  

photo: MTVNews

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are divorcing after seven years of marriage. The shock seems to be rippling through the media and the rumors have begun, but to Ms. Lopez credit, it appears she has handled the matter with dignity by reaching an out of court settlement prior to making any plans public.  She sets a good example for those who are considering divorce.

Celebrities have come to realize how harmful an ugly divorce can be to their image and do everything possible to

settle all personal details out of court.  “These cases are typically handled quickly, and often cost much less in legal fees than divorces for the average person,” says Los Angeles divorce attorney Christopher C. Melcher.

A divorce case in California is open to the public.  The court cannot seal records except in rare situations.  Detailed financial information and allegations about infidelity and the treatment of children, whether true or false, are made public for all to see when people use the court system to resolve their divorce.

“The irony is that these high profile celebrities have found a way to resolve their cases privately and quietly,” says Melcher, “but the rest of us as private citizens find it necessary to air out our lives noisily in the court of public opinion, costing in dollars and sense.”

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SOURCE:  Christopher Melcher, Esq.

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