Casey Anthony book or movie deal? No, predicts crisis management PR expert

Glenn Selig, who represents high profile figures, says the probability of backlash is too high for publishers, movie makers to risk their brands to do business with Casey Anthony.
(PR NewsChannel) / July 18, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 
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Will Casey Anthony cash in with a book deal or movie deal?

With calls and threats of boycotts of any company that pays Casey Anthony money, a crisis management public relations executive says despite predictions by some pundits that Casey Anthony will cash in on her notariety with million dollar book deals and movie projects, the environment is too ‘toxic’ for any company to risk its own reputation to make a deal with Casey Anthony.

“I believe the climate is way too toxic for book publishers or Hollywood to associate itself in any way with Casey Anthony,” says Glenn Selig, who frequently represents high profile names in the news and whose company, The Publicity Agency ( advises companies on how to protect and repair an image.  “Given the current environment it would be like making a deal with the devil and no reputable company is going to risk everything for a deal like this.  I don’t see any book deals or movie deals for Casey Anthony.

“It’s a risk-reward issue and right now at least the risks far outweigh any reward.”

Even companies that have stellar reputations can see images unravel quickly, says Selig.

He says social media–Facebook, Twitter and now Google+ (NASDAQ:GOOG), empower the public to impact corporations in ways never before seen possible.  And companies, he says, are mindful of that are not willing to risk their images and potentially tarnishing their brands on one project.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, is trying to temper the public outrage surrounding the verdict.

In exclusive interview with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News’ “Geraldo at Large,” Jose Baez said the public discourse is disturbing.

“We need to start respecting the jury verdict and decisions that the juries make.” Baez told Rivera on Sunday night.

Casey Anthony was released from jail Sunday after she was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

The media has been reporting on a $1-million offer for the first Casey Anthony interview and on a meeting that was scheduled to convert a verbal agreement into a written one.

However, on Fox News, Baez said there was no deal and he cancelled the meeting that was scheduled for today.

“The media focusing on these supposed deals feeds the public outrage,” says Selig.  “I would be shocked if any company entered into a business deal with Casey Anthony–at least for the near term.

“The negativity towards the verdict extends beyond Casey Anthony–it also impacts the jury, her parents and to her attorneys.” says Selig.


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