GTRA announces release of ‘The Status of Federal IT Reform’

Parham Eftekhari, co-founder and director of research at GTRA releases new publication detailing the organization's research and May 2011 technology council meeting
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(PR NewsChannel) / July 6, 2011 / WASHINGTON 

This week GTRA has announced the official publication of their latest research brief: “The Status of Federal IT Reform.”  This report and its findings were based on research conducted over the past several months and the May 2011 Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) Technology Council Meeting.

In the report, GTRA analyzes the current mindset of government IT executives toward OMB’s “25-Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT” mandate,  with particular focus on how executives are dealing with cultural and budget challenges in implementing reform, the role of Enterprise Architecture in reform, and perspectives on the use of light technologies. GTRA concludes that IT Reform has been welcomed by the community and is looked at as a positive, attainable and necessary initiative.

“Change in government doesn’t have to be as slow as it is made out to be. It’s okay to think big!” Robert Brese, acting deputy Chief Information Officer, energy, said.

Commenting on the role of Enterprise Architecture in IT reform, Brack Boehler, director IT compliance, OCIO, transportation said, “EA is foundation that everything should be built on. The full benefits of cloud and light technology will not be as realized unless grounded in a strong EA program;” while Brett Brunk, Chief Enterprise Architect, GSA, commented “Enterprise architecture drives organizational change through value-added service, business agility, effective communication, and strategic dialogue.”

In the brief, author Parham Eftekhari, the co-founder and director of research at GTRA said,  “The IT community — and every single tax payer — should be thrilled at the progress being made throughout the federal government in its efforts to transform and reform IT. These changes will save billions of dollars while delivering better services to users and citizens alike. Although the amount of work that remains is great, the end-result will be a leaner, greener, more productive government machine.”

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About GTRA: GTRA brings together executive-level government technology Security, Enterprise Architecture, Green IT and Health IT leaders to collaborate, strategize and create innovative solutions.  The semi-annual GTRA Technology Council Meeting addresses the topics identified through research with the government Council members and industry experts. By sharing best practices and lessons learned, knowledge is exchanged in a peer-to-peer forum, resulting in actionable government-wide strategic plans and cutting-edge solutions.  Through a unique collaborative methodology, GTRA is revolutionizing the way government does business.

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SOURCE:  Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA)

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