Tampa dermatologist warns about Lyme disease

Dr. Seth Forman says bug repellant is just as important as sunscreen during the summer months.
(PR NewsChannel) / June 27, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 

The number of Lyme disease cases have tripled since 1995. The disease is transmitted through ticks, which tend to breed and bite more in the summer. While a majority of these cases occur in northern states, Tampa dermatologist Dr. Seth Forman says everyone needs to learn the warning signs and how to protect themselves.

“Lyme disease is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria,” says the Tampa dermatologist. “It spreads to human through bites from infected ticks.”

Forman says the first symptom can be seen on the skin. It is a rash-like lesion referred to as erythema chronicum migans. Other symptoms include fever, headache and fatigue. Without treatment, Forman says the lesion can become infected and cause several health issues, such as joint and nervous system problems.

“Treatment for Lyme disease is antibiotics, says the Tampa dermatologist. “Patients are typically given a two to three week supply.”

Forman offers these tips to protect yourself from tick bites:
-      Avoid wooded and high grass areas
-      Use bug repellants with DEET or protective clothing treated with permethrin
-      Shower after spending a long period of time outdoors
-      If you find a tick on your skin, use tweezers to lift it off. This must be done slowly to ensure the tick does not break apart
-      Check your pets for ticks

About Dr. Seth Forman: Dr. Forman has two Tampa dermatology offices; one in Carrollwood and the other in Downtown Tampa. He opened the Tampa Psoriasis Center in his Carrollwood office in 2010. The center gives psoriasis sufferers access to the latest treatment options, including topical and oral medications, as well as biological and phototherapy. Dr. Forman is one of the few Tampa dermatologists to offer narrowband light therapy, which uses pharmaceutical grade light to suppress psoriasis.

For more on Dr. Seth Forman or Tampa dermatology, please visit www.formanderm.com.

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