Florida attorney Timothy W. Schulz emerges as lead counsel in author’s lawsuit against Bank of America

T.J. Fisher claims banking irregularites triggered a lawsuit against her by a former Baltimore Ravens football player.
(PR NewsChannel) / June 27, 2011 / PALM BEACH, Fla. 

An award-winning author added to the legal drama facing Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) today when she announced a new lawyer who will lead a multi-million-dollar filing against the banking giant.

The new legal team, spearheaded by Timothy W. Schulz, is working on an amended complaint against Bank of America that is expected to be filed within 15 days.

In court papers filed in the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, Florida, T.J. Fisher alleges banking irregularities and improprieties caused a domino effect that ultimately led ex-NFL Ravens football player Michael McCrary to file a $60-million lawsuit against her in 2007.

Schulz is a former Roy Black protégé and Greenberg Traurig litigation associate.  He became lead counsel in this case on June 15th.

Schulz is also a former Atlantic City, New Jersey police officer. Schulz participated as co-counsel in a number of high profile trials including the live Court TV broadcast of the murder trial of Victor Brancaccio, which was dubbed the “Zoloft murder trial.”

Schulz previously represented Fisher in Florida litigation that involved McCrary. He successfully blocked McCrary’s $24 million worth of liens against Fisher and her Palm Beach home.

“I intend to present a clear, concise, and simple case, and will establish that BofA was asleep at the wheel which resulted in devastation to Ms. Fisher,” Schulz said.

Fisher, who lives in Palm Beach and the French Quarter, listed her company Market Street Properties Palm Beach LLC as co-plaintiff in the BofA action.

The entity holds a pivotal stake in the much-ballyhooed Market Street redevelopment of the iconic New Orleans riverfront Entergy Power Plant property.

A documentarist and social critic with a Bourbon Street house, hat affinity and ‘59 pink Cadillac convertible, the media previously anointed Fisher “suitably outrageous and eccentric to represent New Orleans.”

“I’ve been silent for too long,” swore Fisher, “no more. There’s a story to tell that rocks ‘conspiracy’ theories, litigation and banking practices.”

McCrary sued Fisher, her husband and others for $60-million in Baltimore over post-Katrina Crescent City Estates LLC transactions involving the Plaza Tower, a downtown New Orleans 60s-era skyscraper.

The Baltimore state court rendered a $33.3-million civil default judgment against Fisher and the others in the McCrary litigation. Fisher says the judgment was draconian because she and legal counsel were precluded from speaking or participating in the damages hearing.

Fisher says she met McCrary once at a post-Hurricane Katrina surprise birthday party thrown in her honor when her husband hosted a New Orleans celebration of triumph over sorrow and invited McCrary as the guest of honor.

“I was never McCrary’s partner or associate,” Fisher says.

Fisher’s Bourbon Street house and personal possessions were seized in 2009 when she could not post a $33.3-million-dollar bond for the McCrary-Fisher litigation; a court order returned Fisher’s property and McCrary’s default judgment was later overturned.

The McCrary case spawned court-case proceedings in 13 separate state, federal and appellate courts in Maryland, Louisiana, Florida and Washington, DC. The core case is ongoing.

In filing suit against BofA, Fisher says she intends to establish how the alleged bank account irregularities and unauthorized transactions snared her into the McCrary legal quagmire, with devastating consequences and far-reaching ramifications.

Innovative “law without borders” entertainment law firm SmithDehn LLP of New York, London, Los Angeles and India owns and manages the international legal assistance firm of SDD Global Solutions; SDD will assist Schulz in Fisher’s BofA action.

American Lawyer dubbed SmithDehn co-founder Russell Smith, Esq. “The Maharaja of Media.” As acclaimed legal counsel for Hollywood heavyweights and the television and film industry, Smith leads the paradigm shift of how international law is practiced, breaking new ground with transatlantic and transpacific legal support. Harvard Law School alumni Frank Dehn, Esq. joins Smith in heading up SmithDehn operations and overseeing SDD’s dedicated legal team.

Schulz’s legal team includes Fisher’s longtime attorneys Richard Winelander, Esq. of Baltimore, who overturned McCrary’s $33.3-million dollar default judgment against Fisher and filed a US Supreme Court writ of certiorari, and Al M. Thompson, Jr., Esq. of New Orleans.

Fisher is a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA), Directors Guild of America (DGA), Producers Guild of America (PGA), Dramatists Guild of America (DG), Authors Guild (AG), National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), and other professional guilds and organizations.



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