Reputation management: It is possible to bury negative news on the Internet, expert says

Here's what can be done when an ex-employee, a rogue client or others try to ruin the reputation of a company.
(PR NewsChannel) / June 23, 2011 / TAMPA, Fla. 
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PR NewsChannel says a number of its clients are using press releases to bury negative news and other types of reputation management.

It’s a savvy strategy deployed by PR professionals: using search engine optimized press releases to generate links to websites and boost rankings.  That same strategy is being used by a growing number of companies to bury negative news on the Internet blog, according to PR NewsChannel (, a leading press release newswire.

“Rogue former employees or an unhappy client can cause lots of trouble by posting nasty things online and those negative blog postings do damage when they appear in the top 10 in Google,” says Glenn Selig, founder of PR NewsChannel, which specializes in writing press releases and SEO press release distribution.

“It’s unfortunate that that happens but there is something you can do about it. And there is a way to bury negative news on the Internet.”

Selig says his company has successfully buried negative postings by writing and distributing search engine optimized press releases.

Public relations professionals and companies have turned to PR NewsChannel for reputation management.

These press releases are more like articles.  Which, when distributed through a press release distribution company like PR NewsChannel, are indexed by Google, Google News, Yahoo News,, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.

“You still need something newsworthy to disseminate but then it’s about strategy and technique,” says Selig..

How to Bury Negative News: Topics

Newsworthy topics could be a new product, new partnership, new service, recent media attention or awards employees or companies have won.

If the press release is search engine optimized well, then the press release will turn up in the places it needs to, says Selig.

The way it works is press releases are optimized with keyword-rich content. If properly optimized, SEO press releases add the potential for increased traffic to your site from clients or customers searching for your product and business.

They also provide improved rankings overall and increase your chances of additional press. But the bottom line, says Selig, is search engine optimized press releases can help “push down” bad news that may be costing you customers or business.

“We help large and small companies use this secret weapon all the time,” says Selig. “And it works.”



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