Los Angeles divorce attorney comments on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal on ABC’s Nightline

Christopher C. Melcher, a divorce attorney based in Los Angeles, says email, texts and other electronic communication is used in just about every divorce case.
(PR NewsChannel) / June 14, 2011 / LOS ANGELES 
Christopher C. Melcher

Los Angeles divorce attorney Christopher C. Melcher

The Twitter scandal involving U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is dominating news headlines. ABC’s Nightline asked the question is sexting really cheating? ABC reporter David Wright turned to Los Angeles-based divorce and family law attorney Christopher C. Melcher for answers on what is being called “cheating 2.0.”

“Emails and texts come up in about every divorce case I see,” says Melcher. “Before attorneys would have to hire an investigator to dig up dirt on a client’s spouse. Now people are posting their own dirty laundry online.”

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Weiner made national headlines last week when he admitted he sent an illicit photo to a woman via Twitter. Several other photos rumored to be Weiner have made news. The congressman is now asking for a leave of absence while he seeks treatment.

“I’ve made some pretty serious mistakes and I need to redeem myself and I’m working hard to try to get back to normal,” Weiner told reporters.

In a day and age where everything from banking to socializing is done online, divorce attorneys, like Melcher, say the scandal involving Rep. Weiner should serve as a wake-up call. He says you have to be extremely careful about what you are putting out into cyberspace.

“Since so much of our communication is done electronically, we’re really leaving a history or trail of everything we’ve done electronically somewhere,” says the Los Angeles divorce attorney.

About Christopher C. Melcher: Christopher C. Melcher is a Certified Family Law Specialist focusing on complex family litigation and premarital agreements. He has been practicing law in California since 1994. Melcher is chair-elect of the family law section of the California State Bar and serves as a member of the family law executive committee of the California State Bar.

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